Swoop Aero has unveiled its next generation drone for cities: the Kite

- August 3, 2021 2 MIN READ

Drone delivery startup Swoop Aero has turned its attention from remote access to urban areas with its new aircraft, Kite. The Melbourne tech company has established its reputation getting medical supplies to remote areas in Africa countries such as Congo and Malawi, including transporting COVID tests and vaccines, using the ‘Kookaburra’ drones, which have clocked… Read more »


Drone startup Galileo marks the next stage in the evolution of home security

- June 4, 2015 5 MIN READ

The Galileo Alpha is a modern smart drone with advanced sensors that protects the user’s home, property, and business. When an alarm goes off or a routine check is required, the Alpha flies autonomously inside the user’s property and lets the user know what is happening from every angle, by streaming video, audio, and sensor data to the user’s smartphone and home security provider.