Scrooge McDuck

ESIC – why these four letters get angel investors excited and what founders need to know about them

- May 14, 2024 8 MIN READ

Startup investing is risky AF and it’s also very beneficial to the Australian economy so the government has a number of different incentives to encourage it. Today, we are going to talk about one of these incentives called “Early Stage Innovation Company” (ESIC) which targets angel investors. If the stars align, then ESIC could mean… Read more »

Euphemia CEO Judy Anderson-Firth

How Judy Anderson-Firth turned Dom Pym’s family office into an impact investor

- May 7, 2024 3 MIN READ

Judy Anderson-Firth is CEO of Euphemia, the family office of serial entrepreneur Dom Pym, founder of UpBank. She recently sat down with Cheryl Mack from Aussie Angels and Maxine Minter from Co Ventures to talk about her experience as an investor on their podcast, First Cheque. It’s both an aspirational and practical discussion, where Anderson-Firth shares… Read more »


The ‘small scale offering’ exemption is a problem that needs to be addressed alongside any changes to the sophisticated investor test

- February 20, 2024 3 MIN READ

Rumoured changes to the sophisticated investor test will create more holes in funding for technology founders to navigate when we should be bringing more people into startup investing with education pathways.  While jostling over whether the changes can be tweaked to lessen the damage on early-stage startup investing, the whole episode seems to fundamentally misunderstand… Read more »


Let’s not clip the wings of angel investors by changing the Sophisticated Investor test

- January 24, 2024 3 MIN READ

Late last week we felt compelled to start a petition urging the Australian Government to reconsider the ‘Sophisticated Investor’ test. This petition has now been signed by over 700 leaders in the Australian startup ecosystem who represent the diverse aspects of the startup community. United, these signatories agree that we should reject not just the… Read more »

Steve Maarbani - VentureCrowd

Australian investors deserve access to revolutionary startups and ventures

- January 23, 2024 4 MIN READ

Last week, the Federal Government revealed plans to raise qualifications for sophisticated investors. Investors would now need $4.5 million or more in assets, or to earn more than $450,000 for two consecutive years to be able to access certain types of investment opportunities such as venture capital. Under existing rules, a sophisticated investor qualifies as… Read more »

Dan Gavel

Black Sheep Capital founder Dan Gavel talks about building a diversified investment strategy in VC

- January 23, 2024 2 MIN READ

Brisbane based investor Daniel Gavel is known for his down-to-earth and innovative approach to investing through angel investing, Black Sheep Capital Fund, and the Flock Syndicate. The Black Sheep portfolio includes Airtasker, Sendle, Amber Electric and Llama Life. Gavel recently sat down with Cheryl Mack from Aussie Angels and Maxine Minter to talk about his… Read more »

Breaking Bad, money pile

VC partner Alan Jones on sophisticated investor changes: ‘I won’t be the only one wondering if I’m a downturn away from being excluded from investing in the fund I run’

- January 17, 2024 5 MIN READ

My venture partners and I are raising money for new venture funds at the moment and there’s an awkward moment every time I have an initial conversation with anyone who’s considering investing in VC for the first time: the moment when I have to raise the question of holding a sophisticated investor certificate. When I… Read more »

Bobby Axelrod, Billions

Australia plans to raise the bar on who can invest in startups – and it reveals the country’s investment regulations are a dog’s breakfast

- January 16, 2024 7 MIN READ

● Increases to the sophisticated investor qualification thresholds are planned ● The startup sector is worried it will dramatically cut access to early stage investment capital ● Floated changes increase the thresholds by 80% after 22 years ● Around 16% of Australians currently qualify ● The bigger issue is education for investors ● A broad… Read more »

Eddie Murphy/Trading Places

Why the federal government’s plan to increase the sophisticated investor threshold is terrible news for Australia’s startups

- January 15, 2024 4 MIN READ

Federal Labor’s recent suggestion of increasing the income and assets tests for the sophisticated investor exemption is one of the most infuriating examples of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole I’ve seen in a while.  Currently, to qualify as a sophisticated investor, you need at least $2.5 million in assets or… Read more »

Cheryl Mack & Maxine Minter

First Cheque, a new podcast by early-stage investors Cheryl Mack and Maxine Minter, explores how founders tackle VC funding

- December 19, 2023 3 MIN READ

Day One.FM, the podcast network for Australian founders, investors and operators, best known for The History of the Startup Ecosystem podcast and documentary featuring 100+ interviews with key startup leaders has launched a new podcast, First Cheque. It looks to uncover the inner workings of early-stage investing and share practical knowledge from seasoned, successful investors. … Read more »

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What founders need to know about investment term sheets

- October 12, 2023 4 MIN READ

For founders seeking funding, the term sheet is a critical document that can make or break a deal. Yet, it remains shrouded in mystery and can be intimidating for first-time entrepreneurs. Investment rounds are pivotal stages in the growth journey of any startup. They are the juncture where dreams are fuelled with capital, and visions… Read more »


The CEO of Sydney VC fund Investible explains why Singapore is the place to be for investors

- September 20, 2023 3 MIN READ

It’s been half a decade since Investible launched our inaugural Early-Stage Fund, and first opened the doors of our office in Singapore. Since 2018, we have invested in 15 companies in Southeast Asia and we are now active in markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.  Australia claims less than 2% of… Read more »