The reason why most VCs don’t invest in women-led startups is much simpler than many think

- June 14, 2024 3 MIN READ

At every conference, on every panel, year after year, the same tech leaders ponder the same question: Why don’t more women receive venture capital funding? The participants stroke their chins and furrow their brows. Perhaps, they muse, it’s due to societal gender norms that discourage women from pursuing entrepreneurship. Maybe there’s a lack of access… Read more »

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This VC says $10bn in the federal budget for health and aged care is a sign that government’s not the solution for innovation in a sector that’s slow to change

- May 21, 2024 2 MIN READ

I am pleased to see the Australian government’s new budget allocates a $23 billion package for renewable energy innovation and development and $10.7bn to health and aged care. These investments are significant, but they also highlight a critical need for a shift in policy towards investments in proactive and preventive measures in healthcare. As the… Read more »

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In defence of Breakthrough Victoria – and why it matters for medtech

- April 4, 2024 3 MIN READ

Victoria’s (and Australia’s) future prosperity is dependent on knowledge-intensive companies that collaborate, innovate, and commercialise successful products globally. But to survive and reach commercial success, these companies must be able to access funding at key stages of their development. Without this, they will fail. In turn, we will fail to create a self-sustaining human healthcare… Read more »

Taylor Swift

The Taylor Swift deepfakes are a reminder, yet again, that new tech is often weaponised against women

- February 3, 2024 4 MIN READ

Sexually graphic “deepfake” images of Taylor Swift went viral on social media last week, fuelling widespread condemnation from Swifties, the general public and even the White House. The circulation of false images of Taylor Swift are alarming. We know that incidences like this disproportionately impact women and girls. @POTUS is committed to ensuring we reduce… Read more »