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Sydney slides as Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide rise in global startup cities rankings

- June 13, 2024 3 MIN READ

Melbourne and Brisbane have continued their rise through the ranks of the best global startup ecosystems, but Sydney remains the most favourable location for burgeoning companies in Oceania, according to a new report. Innovation development organisation Startup Genome’s annual Global Startup Ecosystem Report uses research and analysis of data from 4.5 million startups to paint… Read more »

AI/Machine Learning

Apple put AI into its series 15 phones and M1 chip Macs, but please don’t call it artificial intelligence

- June 11, 2024 3 MIN READ

Apple has announced how it will integrate generative artificial intelligence into its iPhones, iPads and Macs, following months of speculation. The company’s AI system, dubbed Apple Intelligence – the company has resisted using the words artificial intelligence – was announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in Cupertino, California on Tuesday. Already lagging behind… Read more »

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Turns out Google kept private browsing data to sell – but will now delete it as part of a class action settlement

- April 3, 2024 3 MIN READ

Google has agreed to delete data collected on users while they were in private browsing mode and properly inform them of how “incognito” this service actually is as part of a class action lawsuit settlement. Google-owner Alphabet settled the class action lawsuit, brought on by users of its Incognito private browsing mode in 2020 late last year,… Read more »

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Climate change is a massive threat to semiconductor manufacturing. Here’s why

- March 28, 2024 4 MIN READ

Semiconductors are the basic building blocks of microchips. These technological marvels are in everything from lightbulbs and toothbrushes to cars, trains and planes, not to mention the vast array of electronics that have become integral to many people’s daily lives. The 21st century chip manufacturing industry has been described as “at least as significant geopolitically… Read more »

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The legal battle by Fortnite maker Epic Games against Apple and Google’s app stores began in Australia’s Federal Court this week

- March 20, 2024 3 MIN READ

A five-month legal showdown between three tech titans has kicked off in Australia, with Fortnite-maker Epic Game’s case against Apple and Google to have potentially huge ramifications for how we use our smartphones. Epic’s legal battle with Apple and Google began in Federal Court in Melbourne on Monday, centred on the dominance of the tech giant’s app… Read more »

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Europe is paving the way for Apple App Store changes in Australia for app developers

- February 14, 2024 3 MIN READ

Significant changes that Apple was forced to make to its App Store in Europe will likely pave the way for similar reforms in Australia. In the biggest changes to the App Store since it was launched, Apple relinquished some control over its platform earlier this month in response to the Digital Markets Act in the European Union.… Read more »

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Apple’s hoping its $5000 computer headset, Vision Pro, will be the new iPhone, but will we all walk around wearing augmented reality googles?

- January 30, 2024 4 MIN READ

Apple Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset – which the company hopes is a “revolutionary spatial computer that transforms how people work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, and enjoy entertainment” – that begins shipping to the public (in the United States) later this week. Critics have doubted the appeal of the face-worn computer, which “seamlessly blends… Read more »

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Ignition Lane’s 2023 wrap

- December 29, 2023 5 MIN READ

Welcome to Ignition Lane’s Tech Wrap, where they cut through the noise to bring you their favourite insights from the technology and startup world.  Ignition Lane works with ambitious business leaders to apply the Startup Mindset to their technology, product and commercialisation problems.  This wrap goes out free to subscribers. Here’s their review of all the big news… Read more »

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Airbnb will offer up to $15 million in compensation to Australians misled over accomodation prices

- December 20, 2023 2 MIN READ

Up to 63,000 Australians who used Airbnb between January 2018 and August 2021 may be eligible for compensation after the platform admitted it misled people by quoting prices for Australian accomodation in US dollars. The Federal Court has also hit Airbnb Ireland – the parent company that runs the Australian operations, including the website and… Read more »