Open AI, Sora
AI/Machine Learning

Sora, OpenAI’s new generative AI tool turning text into videos, explained

- February 26, 2024 4 MIN READ

A little over a week ago, OpenAI announced a new generative AI system named Sora, which produces short videos from text prompts. While Sora is not yet available to the public, the high quality of the sample outputs published so far has provoked both excited and concerned reactions. The sample videos published by OpenAI, which… Read more »

DALL-E drawing robot
AI/Machine Learning

Discriminative AI v generative AI – when does the intelligence actually kick in? A computer systems expert explains

- February 16, 2024 4 MIN READ

Sam Altman, chief executive of ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, is reportedly trying to find up to US$7 trillion of investment to manufacture the enormous volumes of computer chips he believes the world needs to run artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Altman also recently said the world will need more energy in the AI-saturated future he envisions – so… Read more »

Muster farm, cattle
AI/Machine Learning

The Productivity Commission wants a light touch on AI regulation

- February 8, 2024 3 MIN READ

The government should avoid “overzealous lawmaking” and lead by example with a “stepped, gradual approach” to regulating artificial intelligence (AI), the Productivity Commission (PC) has advised in an analysis that flags AI’s potential to resolve Australia’s productivity slump. Aiming to guide the understanding of AI’s productivity benefits, regulatory challenges and implications for data policy, the trilogy of… Read more »

canaria technologies founders at nasa
AI/Machine Learning

Brisbane’s Canaria Technologies shoots for the moon with NASA-approved AI for astronauts

- February 6, 2024 3 MIN READ

Having broken new ground in health tech for high-risk situations, Canaria Technologies is taking its next giant leap – to infinity and beyond. The Brisbane-based startup is gearing up to take its pioneering tech in predictive biometrics to the next frontier: outer space. Canaria’s wearables, which combine data about how the human body functions with… Read more »

Ed Husic
AI/Machine Learning

‘A little light and a little late’: a risk the federal government’s AI policy doesn’t address is missing our chance

- January 18, 2024 3 MIN READ

On Wednesday, the federal Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic revealed an interim response from the Australian government on the safe and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI). The public, especially the Australian public, have real concerns about AI. And it’s appropriate that they should. AI is a powerful technology entering our lives quickly.… Read more »

Robot lawyer in a trial
AI/Machine Learning

AI is set to transform how we get legal advice, but it could still leave people without access to justice

- January 9, 2024 3 MIN READ

The legal profession has already been using artificial intelligence (AI) for several years, to automate reviews and predict outcomes, among other functions. However, these tools have mostly been used by large, well established firms. In effect, certain law firms have already deployed AI tools to assist their employed solicitors with day-to-day work. By 2022, three… Read more »

The Treachery of Images, by Rene Magritte (1929)
AI/Machine Learning

The Artist Strikes Back: How creative people are using ‘data poisoning’ to fight generative AI

- December 19, 2023 3 MIN READ

Imagine this. You need an image of a balloon for a work presentation and turn to a text-to-image generator, like Midjourney or DALL-E, to create a suitable image. You enter the prompt: “red balloon against a blue sky” but the generator returns an image of an egg instead. You try again but this time, the… Read more »

Tom Finnigan,
AI/Machine Learning

AI-powered content creation startup TalkingBrands is offering its MVP to test for free

- December 5, 2023 2 MIN READ

An artificial intelligence-powered startup that helps business leaders turn their ideas into content has launched with users able to test the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of for free. Cofounder Tom Finnigan, who previously managed PR at AusCyber and Stone & Chalk, developed to take away the fear people have when it comes to… Read more »

Sam Altman
AI/Machine Learning

The fight at OpenAI is a reminder that we need to take a closer look at whether AI developers can regulate themselves

- December 5, 2023 3 MIN READ

OpenAI, developer of ChatGPT and a leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), was recently thrown into turmoil when its chief-executive and figurehead, Sam Altman, was fired. As it was revealed that he would be joining Microsoft’s advanced AI research team, more than 730 OpenAI employees threatened to quit. Finally, it was announced… Read more »

Grok, AI
AI/Machine Learning

What the Grok! Elon Musk’s new AI tool is sarcastic and potty-mouthed – so who’s it for?

- November 17, 2023 4 MIN READ

On November 4, X owner Elon Musk unveiled his new AI chatbot Grok: a sarcastic ChatGPT alternative supposedly “modelled” after The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of Musk’s favourite books. The verb Grok means “to understand intuitively or by empathy, to establish rapport with”. Science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein first coined the term, which is… Read more »