Marketing is essential to the success of every great brand, and like putting together IKEA shelving, everyone thinks they’re an expert until they actually have to do it.

So what are the secrets of great marketing? How can you do it successfully when you don’t have much budget? And what are the tips and tricks you need to know for a winning campaign and how do you measure it to know it works?

Join Startup Daily editor Simon Thomsen as he sits down with startups marketing guru Kayla Medica, who’s helped drive the success of several successful startup brands, as we explain how to build a team aligned with your goals to deliver more revenue, customer satisfaction, and build repeatable, scalable systems.

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Simon Thomsen

Simon has been editor of Startup Daily since 2019 and also hosts the Startup Daily show on business streaming service

Kayla Medica

Kayla Medica is a B2B SaaS marketing leader and author of Mehdeeka, the newsletter for solo marketers and small teams.