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5 things you should know about tech today

- June 17, 2020 6 MIN READ

Welcome to Wednesday Don’t forget to tune into the Startup Daily show on the business TV streaming channel every weekday, 2-3pm, where we talk to startup founders, investors and innovators about everything tech. If you’ve missed an episode, you can catch up on the ausbiz site here. 1. EU v Apple on competition The EU’s competition watchdog has some… Read more »

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News & Analysis

5 things you should know about tech today

- May 5, 2020 5 MIN READ

  Welcome to Tuesday. Here’s what we’ve spotted 1.  Amazon VP resigns over company’s treatment of workers As exit interviews go, engineer Tim Bray’s observations on company culture and he resigned from Amazon last week are a doozy. The Canadian vice-president of Amazon Web Services and respected engineer resigned his US$1m+ job after five years and… Read more »


Personalised DJ app Muru helps users create the perfect musical journey

- March 22, 2016 4 MIN READ

In comes Australian startup Muru Music, which wants to help users create the perfect playlist, or listening journey. The app links to a user’s Spotify app and allows the user to be both the DJ and the audience, giving them greater control over the kind of music or playlists generated than Spotify, for example, while still giving them a laid back listening experience.


Founder Psychology: Spotify’s Daniel Ek

- July 16, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Judging by his demeanor, you might have expected the man to run a company like Etsy, amassing his fortune one macrame teddy bear at a time. But no. This kind, graceful creature was none other than Daniel Ek. And the company he founded was — and still is — among the most hated startups in all of techdom: Spotify. [Source: Pando]


Spotify’s Design Lead on Why Side Projects Should Be Stupid

- March 6, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Tobias van Schneider lives his life like one big side project. Today, he designs and builds new products for Spotify in New York, but he couldn’t have predicted that when he dropped out of school at age 15 to work as an apprentice in a computer shop in Austria. He couldn’t have predicted that when he applied to graduate schools and design schools and was told repeatedly that he didn’t have enough training or talent to build a career. [Source:]