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My Health Test makes monitoring chronic illnesses easier for the general public

- December 1, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

A lot of chronic diseases require regular monitoring. This often means regular blood tests that are time consuming, uncomfortable, and require a follow up visit with a physical doctor afterwards. Australian startup My Health Test is looking to change that with its direct consumer technology service that allows users to monitor their conditions with at-home health kits.

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Liftango is carving out a niche market with its ride sharing platform for corporates

- November 27, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

The consumer sector of the ridesharing market is starting to become quite crowded, but there are a number of opportunities that exist where ridesharing companies can target large corporations instead of end-users directly. Sydney-based startup Liftango is looking to do just that with its corporate ridesharing platform, launched as part of the recent NRMA Jumpstart program.

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The Medic is introducing the concept of telemedicine to Australia to enhance our healthcare system

- November 9, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Even in Australia, where our healthcare is among the best in the world, we still waste hours of time sitting in medical centres to fulfil the need employers have for a doctor’s certificate for regular occurrences like the common cold. Australian startup The Medic is a platform that allows patients and doctors to connect in real time via their smart phone or laptop, on demand, for a small fee.

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DeBruin is creating hardware and software to help organisations increase engagement with their members

- November 5, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Debruin, cofounded by Clint Bruin is a new technology platform that creates both software and hardware. The company is building a new communications platform for community based organisations like universities, councils and sports clubs that will allow them to communicate directly with their members and have more personal engagement with them.

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Social Pinpoint is making community project management more engaging and efficient

- October 29, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

When it comes to important community and company projects, people want to be involved when a decision that is going to affect them is made. From a commercial perspective, organisations running projects genuinely want these stakeholders involved, but struggle do make this happen in an effective and efficient manner. Social Pinpoint is looking to change that.

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Ticket Squad is addressing a billion dollar problem with its marketing platform for event organisers

- October 27, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

The live events sector is a $100 billion market globally, but what most people don’t realise is that 85 percent of these events don’t actually sell out. In fact, according to various surveys by ticketing companies, 40 percent of people say they would have actually gone to a particular event, but their reason for not going was because they never even knew it was on. For the majority of events, a less than desirable marketing strategy is usually responsible for empty seats and extra standing space.


Partnering with trusted brands is giving Australian startups like Sendle an edge over would-be competitors

- October 15, 2015 2 MIN READ

Recent research by the National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA) found that 85 percent of its Small Business Motoring customers regularly use parcel delivery services and that 88 percent of this group rated delivery startup Sendle’s service more appealing and competitive than other options currently available to Australian businesses.


GAMURS is the social network for the gamers of the world

- April 8, 2015 3 MIN READ

The beauty of the internet is that even someone with the most obscure of obsessions can most likely find a community of like-minded people to chat with. With over a billion gamers worldwide, gaming is a huge subculture rather than obscure obsession, but no one social platform has managed to unite them all.