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Business strategy

Product-market: How to read the right signals to ensure what you’re selling is what customers really want

- October 12, 2021 4 MIN READ

Last week I was chatting with a founder who claimed they had achieved product-market fit with their novel technology business. She and her co-founder had been working hard on the product for months. Their solution was in beta, it already had several users, and was generating valuable feedback from these users. She proudly explained that… Read more »

News & Analysis

Perhaps ‘Bobby’ should have thought about things a little harder

- September 10, 2015 3 MIN READ

I am not usually one to call out startups publicly for committing faux pas, but when a seasoned founder implements a strategy designed to exploit a group of individuals by making them work for free and creates a platform that steals the original works of journalists, claiming them as the publication’s own, it’s not cool, and quite frankly, considering the founder already has a media startup under his belt, he should know better.


Building a kickarse ecommerce content strategy

- May 29, 2014 7 MIN READ

When it comes to content strategy, the key to an ecommerce success is education. Yes, you got it right. It means that at every point in the customer’s journey on the website, from search to purchase, we should provide information that would enrich their understanding of the product range.


Why we chose company culture as our growth strategy

- February 19, 2014 7 MIN READ

We knew from early on that to build a great business we had to bring aboard the best people. But talented people are often more attracted to big companies with big salary packages. So the challenge wasn’t “How to get more money to pay staff”. Heck, in those days we could barely pay ourselves. The challenge was “How can we create something here, that they’ll never get over there?”


7 deadly Twitter sins

- August 12, 2013 3 MIN READ

A wise man once said, “Being popular on Twitter is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital” (@D2DLondon). But hey, if you still want to be popular, don’t commit the seven deadly Twitter sins.


It’s time to go video viral!

- August 5, 2013 3 MIN READ

It is not long after the advent of modern technology and the Internet that viral marketing was born, growing up to become of the most effective and exciting methods for getting a brand into the public radar.


The Piggy Back Theory: Part One – The Approach

- February 4, 2013 6 MIN READ

Before I started and the hardcopy magazine that preceded it, I attended my first Young Entrepreneurs Unconvention. At that stage, I didn’t know about the “startup scene” in the way that I know it today, I had no connections and NO idea who I was going to even interview for the bloody magazine.


Getting in front of your customer

- January 11, 2013 2 MIN READ

Online businesses are very attractive. The idea of lying on a day bed in Bali with your laptop open and just counting the money coming in sounds amazing. Unfortunately things don’t really pan out that way. As a general rule the more your business grows, the more time it will take up, so you better get real good at multi-tasking or hire well.