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Business strategy

A fractional solution: how tech companies are engaging the talent they need in new, smarter ways

- December 6, 2023 4 MIN READ

Australia’s startup ecosystem is maturing. We’re nearing the milestones of home grown VC funds like Blackbird reaching a decade of investing and AirTree investing in 100 companies. As a result, we’ve built a healthy roster of founders and operators with more than a few notches in their belts.  Ready to expand into leadership roles but… Read more »

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Chris Vein, CEO of ACS, is stepping down

- December 5, 2023 2 MIN READ

Chris Vein, the self-confessed American “Australophile” and former White House, and World Bank executive who became CEO of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) following its most turbulent period, is stepping down after 18 months in the role. ACS announced it “regrets” that Vein will retire at the end of the year for personal/health reasons.  “As… Read more »

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Business strategy

Phil Morle’s research commercialisation manifesto

- October 6, 2023 2 MIN READ

I wanted a clear, crisp manifesto on research commercialisation. Here are 13 principles for bringing big ideas into the world. We, the scientists, the inventors, the creators and the entrepreneurs, acknowledge that we live on a planet in trouble. Yet, we believe these problems can be solved with technology and human creativity. We are optimistic… Read more »

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New research says being a go-getter doesn’t always make someone a good leader

- July 28, 2023 2 MIN READ

New research from the University of Adelaide demonstrates that being proactive could earn an individual a leadership position,  but merely being proactive alone does not make for a good leader.   Individuals must be aware of their own leadership competencies to avoid the traps of the Peter Principle, which acknowledges  that employees tend to be promoted… Read more »

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Change your swim lane: how I made the leap from big tech to startups then VC

- July 25, 2023 8 MIN READ

Transitioning from a tech giant like Microsoft to an early-stage startup can be a daunting but exciting experience. Before joining Tidal, I made this leap to become the fourth employee and founding marketer at hyper-growth startup Dovetail. In this article, I’ll share the valuable insights I learnt along the way, I’ll share my critical realisations during… Read more »

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Business strategy

Why you need to make yourself redundant in your startup to scale 

- July 6, 2023 3 MIN READ

In 2006, the Victorian State Government ran a program called Business Continuity. The program addressed the devastating impacts a 10-year drought was having on hundreds of small businesses in regional communities. Businesses undertook a SWOT analysis, were reviewed against their strategy, financials, and then given a plan to help generate cashflow. A year later, the… Read more »