SUDS, with Adviser Ratings founder Angus Woods, on the rise of fintech, the Great Tech Jobs crisis, paying advisors and mental health for kids

- July 8, 2022 < 1 MIN READ
Adviser Ratings founder Angus Woods
Every week on the Startup Daily TV show, we talk to more than two dozen founders, CEOs, investors and experts about what’s happening in tech.

Now you can catch the best of the show with the weekly podcast, SUDS.



Each week on SUDS host Simon Thomsen has a special guest join him to discuss the big news of the week, tell their story and also tackle a big idea in their area of expertise, before we run through the TV show’s highlights.

This week’s guest is Adviser Ratings founder and CEO Angus Woods.

We talk about the great crypto collapse of Three Arrows Capital and Voyager Digital, as well as how Meta brands Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp account for a staggering two-thirds of social media fraud.

Angus offers plenty of advice to fellow founders on startup life and we take about the dramatic shift in interest in financial advice amid generational changes and the rise of millennial investors. From the Startup Daily show this week, we look at the great redundancy and what’s happening to tech jobs.

We spoke to Dan Brockwell at EarlyWork about their new jobs platform for displaced tech workers, and Dexter Cousins, from Tier One People about the signs of tough times ahead, Alan Jones talks about when to give equity to advisors and we meet Sidekicker founder Jackie Bull following a $20m raise, and Dr Louise Metcalf, founder of kids mental health app Gheorg, about how she’s reducing anxiety in children.

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