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How to build lean and keep customers keen

- August 5, 2020 4 MIN READ

  Silicon Valley veteran Steve Blank was the founding father of one of the most important schools of startup thought and most influential movements in modern business, the theory of the “Lean Startup”. It was through Blank’s observations of founders and startups in Silicon Valley in the nineties that he was able to see a… Read more »

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Revenue, resilience & reinvention: survival tips for Australia’s startups  

- July 15, 2020 3 MIN READ

Running a startup is not for the faint-hearted. Even in more favourable times, there’s the constant struggle with firefighting, funding, and just generally surviving. But the current disruptive environment has made start-ups particularly vulnerable. Efficiency, productivity, and growth have come under even greater pressure, while liquidity challenges and securing funding have become harder to manage… Read more »

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Remote work changing the game for Australia’s startups, Zoho’s chief strategy officer says

- July 10, 2020 3 MIN READ

Occasionally, something seismic occurs that either entirely alters an established construct or rapidly accelerates a previously gentle trend. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has done exactly that to the world of work, forcing millions of us to set up temporary workspaces in spare bedrooms and lounges across Australia. Whatever our location, industry and business size, we’re… Read more »

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12 startup founders reveal what they learned launching during a pandemic

- June 22, 2020 11 MIN READ

Launching your own business can be daunting. Launching your own business during a pandemic can seem downright impossible. But with the help of Antler Australia, 26 entrepreneurs launched 12 startups spanning FinTech to Saas, HealthTech, DeepTech and more, and are flourishing in their early stages of growth. Having secured pre-seed funding (some even their seed… Read more »

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Founders and execs share what they’ve learnt about running startups in the time of coronavirus

- June 12, 2020 6 MIN READ

As many businesses continue to struggle to navigate their way through the pandemic, we spoke with nine Australian startup leaders to understand what they’ve learned from the COVID-19 catastrophe and how they believe businesses can keep their heads above water in future crises. Here’s their advice   Ben Thompson CEO and co-founder, Employment Hero Taking… Read more »

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8 life skills you need to succeed in business

- May 26, 2020 4 MIN READ

One of the good things about being in business is that no one expects you to say sorry. The default mantra when delivering disappointing news is practised recital of that catch all phrase, business is business. This mantra is a window into other characteristics of successful people. Below are 8 traits, whilst needed to succeed… Read more »

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ACS Past President Yohan Ramasundara on how tech can respond to covid-19 and why ongoing investment matters

- May 19, 2020 3 MIN READ

  Yohan Ramasundara is an entrepreneur – the co-founder of Beta Launch and ISKOLE – and the Immediate Past President of ACS, the professional association for Australia’s technology sector. After two years helming ACS through one of the most productive eras for the local tech industry, Startup Daily asked him for his views on the… Read more »

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How using a contact centre can make your startup seem bigger, more professional and help you ride the business cycle

- May 6, 2020 3 MIN READ

Been hearing plenty about how ‘customer experience’ has become make or break for businesses – before the COVID-19 crisis began hijacking the headlines, that is? You’re not alone. Customer experience (CX) – commonly defined as the sum total of interactions between an organisation and its customers over the lifetime of their dealings – is now… Read more »