Communications analysis startup Traffyk.ai is taking a deep dive into how we talk in the office to figure out how to be better at listening to women

- March 11, 2024 2 MIN READ
Kate Abrahams
Traffyk.ai founder Kate Abrahams
Employee communications startup Traffyk.ai has launched a study to map and better understand gender disparities in leadership communication in the wake of International Women’s Day,

The Leadership Listening Gap Project is a study that aims to quantify and address the issue of women’s voices being underrepresented and undervalued in leadership roles, as well as its potential impact on the gender pay gap.

Traffyk.ai will use artificial intelligence (AI) to measure the “noise” and “cut-through” in leadership communication, comparing patterns between men and women in a bid to uncover the extent of gender differences and overall workplace dynamics.

The project is open to Traffyk.ai customers and the data will be aggregated and anonymised to protect individual and organisational privacy. The communications analysis startup will compare communication patterns across genders, industries, and roles to identify any disparities, trends and plans.

Founder and CEO Kate Abrahams said the findings and recommendations will be shared with the companies involved as well as the broader business community on International Women’s Day 2025.

“It’s time to move beyond sentiment and take concrete action to address the barriers women face in being heard and respected as leaders,” she said.

“I’ve experienced firsthand the subtle discrimination that occurs when a woman’s voice is not fully heard. From having my questions answered to a male colleague instead of me, to my ideas being ignored until a man repeats them, these experiences are all too common for women in leadership.”

Abrahams also notes that women are often told to change their tone to be less “whiny” or to use aggressive language to be heard, highlighting the double standards women face in communication.

“We believe that part of the reason the gender pay gap persists is because women’s voices and contributions are not being fully recognised,” she said.

“The Leadership Listening Gap Project will provide the hard data needed to drive real change, create more inclusive and effective workplaces, and ultimately help close the gender pay gap.”

She wants the study to identify practical solutions to empower women’s voices and create a more level playing field for leadership communication.

Abrahams said business leaders and organisations committed to gender equality are welcome to join The Leadership Listening Gap Project. Contact Traffyk.ai at info[at]traffyk.ai.

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