Andrew Pedley

Startmate Demo Day: Carbonaught is transforming farm fertilisers and carbon reduction using volcanic rock

- May 7, 2024 5 MIN READ

Startmate held Demo Day for its summer 2024 cohort at Blackbird’s Sunrise in Sydney last week and Startup Daily is profiling the 10 startups involved. Today it’s Carbonaught, which is using basalt rock as fertiliser for farmlands The global food system is broken, and the challenges on our horizon are even harder to swallow. In… Read more »

Ben Scales and William Murrell

Startmate Demo Day: KiwiFibre has turned a native New Zealand plant into something better than carbon fibre

- April 17, 2024 5 MIN READ

Ahead of Startmate Demo Day on May 2 in Sydney at Blackbird’s Sunrise, Startup Daily is profiling the 10 startups involved. Today it’s New Zealand startup Kiwifibre, which is hoping to build race cars from plants. KiwiFibre creates natural fibre composite materials from ‍Harakeke – a natively grown New Zealand wonder plant, and one of the… Read more »

Climate Tech

Meet Ubiquetherm: the Startmate climate tech startup creating new ways to create energy for heating and cooling

- December 1, 2023 5 MIN READ

Every now and again you hear about a technology that has so much transformative potential that it’s hard to wrap your head around it. ‍ The team from Ubiquetherm humbly refers to their invention as ‘the next generation of heating and cooling.’ What they are actually creating, is a breakthrough product that could have dramatic and brilliant… Read more »

Mic Black and Darryl Lyons
Other tech

Holy shiitake! Meet Rainstick, the Indigenous startup growing mushrooms with lightning

- November 24, 2023 6 MIN READ

Take a third-generation farmer with three startups under his belt and a serial innovator who’s turned algae into medicine and developed an AI mental health app for an A-league football team, and what you get is a recipe for magic. ‍ Combining ancient knowledge with future tech, Rainstick is developing a breakthrough innovation that mimicks the… Read more »