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UTS puts entrepreneurs on show with new CBD shopfront

- December 16, 2021 2 MIN READ
UTS Director of Entrepreneurships Murray Hurps. Photo: Guy Degen
UTS Director of Entrepreneurship Murray Hurps is shining more light on startup founders with the university’s startups program moving into new street front digs on one of the city’s busiest streets.

UTS Startups Central is just a block from the new Tech Central at Sydney’s central train station. The glass shopfront was previously the Co-op Bookstore and gives the public a passing view of entrepreneurs in action, with Hurps hoping to change perceptions that they only exist in basements coding.

“Imagine seeing a different startup each day, and being able to walk inside, understand the  journey behind that startup, and then being able to talk directly to the founders of that company,” he said.

“Imaging seeing events each day for new entrepreneurs that you can walk in and join, or scan a QR code to stream on the way home, and from anywhere around Australia.”

Hurps said entrepreneurs create the new jobs, new exports and spread the innovations that will drive Australia’s economic recovery, but it’s too often not seen or understood by the millions of Australians.

Inside the new UTS Startups Central site

He wants to change perceptions in the hope it will inspire more people to head down a similar path.

“Transforming the former Co-op Bookstore location, UTS Startups Central will show one million  people each year what technology-enabled entrepreneurs are doing, how they’re doing it, who they are, and how to become one by joining or streaming free workshops, talks and interviews,” he said.

The space is an expansion of the existing UTS Startups program, which has inspired and supported 760 new startups over the last three years, creating 401 paid jobs in the last 12 months alone. 

The project has the support of the City of Sydney, Samuel Hordern and Ajay Bhatia and has used salvaged IT, AV and furniture from around UTS.

Vice-Chancellor Andrew Parfitt said it addresses the issue that people can’t be what they can’t see.

“This space will help thousands of people each day to see technology-enabled entrepreneurship as normal, desirable and accessible,” he said. 

“UTS Startups Central is another major demonstration of our commitment to developing a  culture of entrepreneurship that will serve both our students and the Australian economy.” 

The site is already up and running and will be open to the public from January 10

You can tune into events via streaming at utsstartups.com or for enquiries about the space contact startups[at]uts.edu.au. 

The UTS Startups Central site on the corner of Broadway and Harris Streets, Sydney