Proptech startup Happly banks $1.75 million Seed round

- November 2, 2023 2 MIN READ
HAPPLY Andrew Weinman and Jeremy Rosen_A
Happly founder Andrew Weinman and his co-CEO Jeremy Rosen
A new proptech startup designed to make moving less painful has raised $1.75 million in a Seed round. 

Sydney entrepreneur, Andrew Weinman developed Happly in early 2022, recruiting Jeremy Rosen, cofounder of mobile storage business Taxibox, as his co-CEO, 12 months ago before launching in Sydney this year.

The free platform partners with the people and businesses you need to move, including removalists, cleaners, and packers, offering instant pricing and booking, it also helps with tasks such as updating drivers licenses and postal addresses. It also has a social cause solution so people can donate pre-loved goods to charities and also recycle electronics. 

Several prominent investors backed the Seed raise, including Hannas Group property developer, Danny Hanna, and Max Cunningham, the former ASX-listings boss and CEO of distributed ledger tech startup FCX.

Weinman said personal experience inspired him to talk moving as a startup founder.

“Research shows moving is one of life’s worst experiences, taking more than 100 hours to organise, at an already stressful time in life. Through a few clever clicks, Happly enables everyday Australians to organise their complete move in minutes,” he said.

“When I was younger, my father was relocated for work, and a corporate relocation expert managed the whole move from end to end for us. Years later, when reflecting on this experience, I felt technology had evolved so significantly that there must be a way to offer a smooth moving journey to all Australians, not just white collar executives. “

Weinman said his goal was to create a platform what would save time, money and headaches.

“Everyone who hears of our platform tells me they wish this had been around when they moved, and our early customers are seeing the benefits. This positive impact really drives my passion and purpose,” he said.

His co-CEO, Jeremy Rosen, said he was immediately interested when he was approached by Weinman last year, having just moved his young family.

My experience with TAXIBOX also gave me a unique perspective on the power of technology to truly disrupt traditional industries,” he said.

“As Co-CEOs, Andrew and I bring very different, yet complementary, skills to the business that will drive our innovation, creativity, and growth.”  

Investor Danny Hanna said the potential for Happly’s platform and technology is exponential.

“We have seen the success and strong growth of similar technologies in the US, and with Australia’s hot property market, I believe this will be echoed onshore,” he said.

“Simplifying and streamlining moving is a real market need and there is no one else doing this. I have known Andrew and Jeremy for many years and am confident in their vision and expertise to lead this business to success.”

Fellow Seed investor Max Cunningham said he believes Happly has the potential to “become the booking.com of the moving sector” with first-mover advantage. 

I am fully aligned with Andrew and Jeremy’s vision to use technology to revolutionise an industry that has been reluctant to change,” he said.

“At FCX, we are likewise using cutting edge technology to create a new marketplace for private companies. Technology driven by smart business minds and strong leadership has the power to be a homerun play.”

Happly will use the capital product development, market penetration, and national expansion plans. It has he support of industry partners such as CBRE, Meriton, and real estate agents and is looking to expand to Melbourne and Brisbane in the coming 12-18 months, followed by a staged nation-wide rollout.