e-micromobility startup microFleet charges up with $500,000 grant to take on New York

- August 7, 2023 2 MIN READ
Al Reid, microFleet
microfFleet's Al Reid
An ebike charging startup that’s already helping power Australia Post’s electrified delivery fleet has landed a $500,000 grant from the federal government-backed iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre as it sets its sites on a major deal with New York City.

microFleet is in talks with NYC officials about installing around 70,000 of its OneDock universal charging and parking station sfor electric bikes, scooters, and other light electric vehicles.

The iMOVE CRC grant is for the launch of the patent-pending OneDock, the world’s first mechanical and digital technology platform for universal micromobility tracking, docking, charging and sharing, for privately-owned as well as public and corporate ebike fleets.

microFleet is a sister company of Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd, which has a longstanding contract with Australia Post for the supply and maintenance of e-bikes for its 2,000 plus national fleet.

OneDock inventor and microFleet COO Al Reid said the technology could transform urban transportation to make e-micromobility seamless, sustainable and efficient.

“The future of urban transportation is not in massive cars or sprawling highways. It’s in efficient, green, and user-friendly solutions like e-bikes, e-scooters, and the infrastructure that supports them,” he said.

“With OneDock, microFleet is not just imagining this future, we’re building it. This is a golden export opportunity for Australia. However, our ambition transcends beyond a product; we’re envisioning cities where transportation is seamless, eco-friendly, and efficient. The backing from iMOVE is a monumental step towards realising this vision on a global scale.”

The interest from New York is partly driven by the safety issues around home changing of lithium batteries, which has resulted in 216 fires, 147 injuries, and six fatalities.

microFleet has bigger ambitions, hoping to install 100,000 smart docking points in Australia and 1 million globally by 2030. The global e-micromobility charging market will be worth an estimated $$67 billion by 2030, and microFleet is hoping to capture a 2% market share worth $1.35b,

iMOVE managing director Ian Christensen said the funding came from its Impact Extension Program for Australian companies to accelerate the development of ground-breaking technology, products and services in the transport sector.

“In a world where the transportation sector is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by both technological advancements and environmental imperatives, solutions like OneDock are not just desirable; it’s essential,” he said.

“microFleet’s OneDock is the embodiment of the future of urban mobility and transportation. It’s sustainable, user-centric, and primed for global adoption. It’s green, it’s smart, and it’s what cities need.”

OneDock will have its international launch in Europe in 2024.

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