Phil Morle on everything VC Main Sequence Ventures is doing at SXSW (and some other events that caught his eye)

- October 12, 2023 5 MIN READ
Main Sequence Ventures team
Not a prog rock band, but the next best thing - the Main Sequence investment team.
Main Sequence is ‘all in’ on SXSW Sydney, co-sponsoring the 2050 stream with our friends at CSIRO, Nourish and v2food.

Here’s what we will be doing during the week.

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The Main Sequence/CSIRO Lounge

Throughout the week, we’ll be hanging out in our lounge on the main conference floor – Room C3.1. We’ll be in and out of meetings, intimate fireside chats and podcast recording sessions. Come and say hello and see who’s around.

Main Sequence & Portfolio Sessions

On Tuesday

What Will VC Look Like In 2050?

Come and see Main Sequence Partner Mike Zimmerman.

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Although Australia’s first VC fund was established in 1970, venture capital didn’t truly take off in Australia until the mid 90s – and even then it was a far cry from where we are now. Today, we are home to more than 70 funds, and last year alone $3.6b of capital was raised to back our region’s most ambitious founders. So what’s in store for the future? In this session we’ll discuss the challenges, opportunities and trends that are shaping the future of VC, and dust off our crystal balls to explore what Venture Capital could look like in Australia in 2050.

The Next Intelligence Leap: A Deep Tech Deep Dive

Come and see Main Sequence portfolio founders from Quantum Brilliance, Quasar Satellite Technologies and Millibeam.

20 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined what current technology enables us to do. In 10 years, we’ll have entered a new frontier of technological application fuelled by the deep tech we’re developing today.

Join leading deep tech companies as we explore how the companies enabling the next intelligence leap were built and get a first-hand glimpse of how great technology makes the leap from the test lab to everyday life.

Quantum’s Global Outlook – Riding the Hype Wave

Come and see Main Sequence Partner, Bill Bartee.

This panel discussion will explore how we can separate quantum hype from reality?

How recent industry developments and technological breakthroughs are shaping the global outlook for the sector? And how the ecosystem is navigating the highs and lows of the global financing and commercial landscape, including notable events such as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, investor sentiment and the growing national quantum efforts emerging across the world.

On Wednesday

Psychedelics and the Future of Mental Health Treatments

Come and see Main Sequence founder from Psylo – Josh Ismin

The integration of psychedelic therapies into the healthcare industry represents a significant stride towards advancing mental health treatments. But, what will the future of psychedelic therapies actually look like? How may they be rolled out and, how will this impact the future of mental health treatments on the broader level?

How Tech will Mitigate the Next Pandemic

Come and see me!

Pandemics, progress and privacy: what role will tech play?

In a world forever changed by the challenges of recent pandemics, delve into the intersection of technology, pandemic preparedness, and responsible citizenship. Join our panel of experts as they explore how cutting-edge technology is poised to play a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of future outbreaks.

Discover how innovative solutions, from vaccines for drug-resistant pathogens to health surveillance and AI platforms, will reshape our ability to respond to the next global health crisis. Explore the promise of these technologies as we consider the ethical and equity considerations of their implementation, from privacy to data sharing.

Beyond technology, we’ll also examine what it will mean to be a good citizen in this new pandemic-aware world. How will technology allow individuals and communities to contribute to the collective well-being, and what responsibilities do we bear in safeguarding our future?

Hello 2050, What’s on the Menu?

Come and see Main Sequence portfolio companies Nourish and v2food on stage with CSIRO scientists. This is on the main stage and should be an inspiring show.

Food is fundamental, but we have some pretty big challenges that lay ahead.
This panel will take you on a journey into the future of food in an entertaining and unexpected way.

Join Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and Asia Pacific’s largest dedicated deep tech fund, Main Sequence, to unlock the impact of how we produce, consume and behave to meet the UN’s ambition of delivering more sustainable, productive and resilient agricultural and food systems.

Hosted by Rove McManus, Australian comedian and television host.

Panelists include Professor Michelle Colgrave FTSE, CSIRO Agriculture & Food – Deputy Director (Impact), Dr Sinéad Golley, CSIRO Behavioural Scientist, Oli Leimbach of Lime Cordiale, Musician & Entrepreneur. Produced by the For Us production team, this panel will bring science, innovation and pop culture together in a talk show format.

This panel should make you laugh, make you think and, most importantly, make you do something…For Us!

Emerging Technologies for Angel Investors

Come and see Main Sequence Associate Jason Whitfield on a panel hosted by Innovation Bay’s Aurora community.

Keep your eyes open for this, as it has not been listed yet.

SXSW Sydney Startup Pitch: Space Habitation, Travel and Transport

Come and see Main Sequence Partner, Bill Bartee.

This startup pitch category will highlight those seeking to lead the way in the space industry.

Startups Featured: Spiral Blue, Space Machines Company, Metakosmos

Keynote: Michael Biercuk

Come and see Main Sequence portfolio founder of Q-CTRL, Michael Biercuk deliver one of his mind-blowing talks into the quantum future he is building.

On Thursday

Belonging: The Super Power of Our Species

Come and see me on a panel hosted by Australia’s oldest startup community – Innovation Bay – to talk about what it means to truly belong to a community.

As leaders we talk about fostering followership within our teams.

As companies we talk about crafting positive corporate cultures.

As brands we talk about creating tribes and communities with our customers.

All these ideas have their roots in one key concept — the building of belonging.

As human beings we have an innate need to belong to a group. This is a legacy of our evolutionary history where being a part of a tribe meant a sharing of labor that increased our chances of survival. Being ostracized from the tribe meant almost certain death. It is for this reason that neuroscientists say our brains obsess about finding that sense of belonging to the tribe.

Bots, People or AI: Which is the biggest threat to digital identity?

Come and see our portfolio company, Kasada

While the vast majority of data breaches are caused by human error, the addition of AI to the armoury of cyber attackers makes protecting our digital identity harder than ever. This panel of cyber security experts will explore the threat landscape in Australia and discuss how the threat landscape is changing as technology progresses from ever more sophisticated bots to generative AI and the era of deep fakes.

The Next Blur – get ready for what is coming

Come and see Main Sequence Associate Emerald Scofield host an intimate conversation with futurist Ross Dawson and myself. There will only be room for 30-40 people in this session that will take place in our lounge.

How do venture capital and business get ready for tomorrow?

These days, the world changes so fast, it is hard to keep up. We plan for futures that don’t eventuate because we expect them to look much like today. By the time we get there, the world has changed.

Emerald Scofield will host a conversation with futurist Ross Dawson and venture capitalist Phil Morle about the future – and why we need to imagine different versions of what is to come so that we can be ready to act.

For business leaders and startup founders who want the wind in their backs, come along to this intimate session to get some practical tips.

The SXSW Burger

You’ll also find us munching on planet-friendly burgers around the venue.

Other sessions that caught our eye!

Session details to come