Join 4 bold and brilliant women in conversation with Cuppa this International Women’s Day

- March 7, 2023 3 MIN READ
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Cuppa, the member-based platform that helps people improve their wellness, performance, and sense of belonging will host four conversations across four hours with four incredible female leaders this Wednesday, March 8. 

Cuppa.tv features hundreds of on-demand and live video conversations with some of the world’s most credible inspirational experts, personalities, and storytellers to improve your work and life. 

Cuppa founder Luke ‘Cookie’ Cook saw a need for meaningful conversations at home and in the workplace. 

This International Women’s Day, Cuppa host Gill Hicks will interview four incredible voices hourly from 9 am to 1pm, and you can join the conversation for free. 

Each session will last for 15 – 20 minutes as Gill asks four questions about this year’s theme of #Embraceequity.

The ‘Power4’ voices that will be empowering conversations are:

Ronni Kahn AO

9 am (AEDT)

Ronni Kahn

Ronni Kahn

Ronni is a social entrepreneur and founder of Australia’s leading food rescue charity,
OzHarvest. Ronni is a passionate advocate and activist renowned for disrupting the food waste landscape in Australia. She appears regularly in national media, serves in an advisory capacity to the government, and is a sought-after keynote speaker. Her mission to fight food waste and feed hungry people is supported by some of the world’s finest chefs.

Ronni is an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) and was named Australian Local Hero of the Year. Her journey is the subject of a feature film, Food Fighter, directed by Dan Goldberg. In 2020 she co-authored her biography, A Repurposed Life, which was nominated for an ABIA award for Biography Book of the Year.

Emily Unity

10 am (AEDT)

Emily Unity

Emily Unity

Emily Unity is a mental health lived experience professional, software developer, and multidisciplinary creative. They are also a queer, culturally diverse, and neurodiverse young person.

They have a diverse portfolio advocating for lived experience, focusing on intersectional and marginalised communities. Through peer support, Emily uses their lived experience to connect with and advocate for other diverse people. They consistently seek new opportunities to co-design a future where diverse lived experiences are valued and respected.  

They recently received the 2021 Mental Health Advocate of the Year Award, the 2021 Youth of the Year Award, and the 2020 Young Woman or Non-Binary Person of the Year Award.

Emily endeavours to use their professional and lived experience to help advocate for a world for all people, regardless of background, identity, or neurodiversity.

Dr Catherine Ball 

11 am (AEDT)

Dr Catherine Ball

Dr Catherine Ball

Associate Professor Dr. Catherine Ball is a scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder, executive producer, executive director, and company director working across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, educational, and environmental needs. Catherine also likes creating businesses, championing movements, collaborating with peers, and advising game-changers.

A sought-after voice across the start-up, futurist, and tech world, Catherine works globally across various projects, from creating documentaries and world-leading conferences and events to advising on using novel approaches (e.g., drones) across environmental and humanitarian projects. Catherine is a proponent of community engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and likes to demystify emerging tech. 

Holly Ransom

12 pm (AEDT)

Holly Ransom

Holly Ransom

Named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review, Ransom has delivered a Peace Charter to the Dalai Lama, was Sir Richard Branson’s nominee for Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List’ of Future Game Changers to watch, and was awarded the US Embassy’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Leadership Excellence in 2019.

Having interviewed the likes of Barack Obama, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Branson, Billie Jean-King, Condoleezza Rice, Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, and the world’s first humanoid robot Sophia, Holly fights complexity with curiosity, apathy with empowerment, and fear with fact.

As a Fulbright scholar and Harvard Kennedy School Class of ’21 fellow, Holly is a recipient of the prestigious Anne Wexler Public Policy Scholarship, allowing her to action social and economic inclusion by connecting people with the decisions that affect their lives.

Having released her book The Leading Edge, Holly helps people harness their own potential to lead by asking better questions, thinking beyond biased answers, and building collective momentum for change. The Leading Edge is part of Holly’s belief that we must democratise leadership learning and break open elite leadership discourse to fire up every individual to catalyse change.

Cuppa was born from the need for us all to connect in a time of uncertainty and isolation brought on by COVID.

The platform focuses on conversations that fundamentally make a difference in a person’s life and career. These pillars come to life as live and on-demand masterclasses, expert discussions, and unique experiences for our loyal and engaged community of teams and individuals.