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Period care startup Woom offers a subscription service for workplaces

- March 6, 2023 2 MIN READ
WOOM Period care
The workplace bathroom can be many things. A refuge, a contemplation station, or an echo chamber of embarrassing sounds. 

And it’s there that Woom, a startup offering accessible period care for the workplace, was conceived.

The 2022 Australian workplace period care audit found that 99% of workers believe free and accessible period care promotes workplace inclusivity.

With a mission to empower women and break down taboos around menstruation, Woom seeks to provide workplaces with a shame-free experience for employees needing period care products. 

Cofounder Tessa Westerhof and her team recognised the scarcity of free period care products in the workplace. 

They decided to create a solution that would provide employers with a practical and sustainable solution. 

Woom aims to make period care as easily accessible as toilet paper by providing a personalised subscription model to suit the unique needs of each workplace.

Westerhof says that despite half of the world’s population experiencing menstruation, only a small fraction of workplaces offer free period care to their employees. 


WOOM product pack

“We wanted to make it as easy as possible for employers, too. All they need to do is tell us how many bathroom stalls, employees, and visitors they have to the workplace, and we’ll do the calculations and deliver exactly what they need to their door every month. The time for period shame is over,” she said. 

Organisational psychotherapist and leadership coach Eloise King said workplace research highlights the importance of humanistic leadership in creating an authentic workplace culture. 

Breaking the taboo surrounding periods in the workplace is crucial, as it can make employees feel unsupported and isolated. 

By providing free period care products and embracing rather than hiding menstruation, companies can help shift the dial on period shame.

“Nurturing feelings of inclusion and comfort in a workplace can have myriad psychological and economic benefits for both employees and employers. From positive workplace culture to productivity and talent retention,” said King. 

Woom’s ‘set and forget’ subscription model makes things easy for People and Culture teams. 

“It’s a small investment for a big impact,” says Tanisha Rodriguez, head of People & Culture at Entropico – one of Woom’s first customers. 

“Companies want to attract top talent, and the ways that a workplace can make its people feel like they belong can be as important as the paychecks.” 

Startup Daily editor Simon Thomsen talked to Westerhof about the company. Watch the full interview


With 100% organic cotton products and planet-friendly packaging, Woom not only helps to destigmatise menstruation in the workplace but also promotes sustainability and environmental awareness.

In addition, Woom is committed to giving back to the community by donating 1% of its sales to the Women’s and Girls Emergency Centre (WAGEC). 

Every night, WAGEC aids 200 women and children affected by homelessness, domestic violence, and systemic disadvantage by providing material aid, case management, biopsychosocial support, accommodation, and crisis responses.

With a powerful vision for inclusivity and a commitment to social responsibility, Woom is revolutionising the conversation around menstruation and workplace culture.

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