ShopandBox helps consumers buy foreign products they can’t get online by connecting them to personal shoppers on the ground

- November 24, 2015 3 MIN READ

Ever wanted to buy an item from overseas, a specific item from the shelf, or something that’s too overpriced or exclusive to order online, but have no friends there to buy and send it to you? Australians are quite used to this scenario, given that almost everything is cheaper overseas, so Australian startup ShopandBox is helping consumers harness the global market to connect them to those hard to get items.


Why a Russian tech company chose to strategically partner with unknown Australian startup to create Merchium

- April 28, 2015 3 MIN READ

There are plenty of tech companies that power online stores in the market – like Australia’s BigCommerce and well-known and widely used Shopify. In fact there are a handful of dominant players in the space that are powering the backend of online stores, making it almost impossible for newcomers to compete – unless, of course, their value proposition enhances the experience for a user to the point where they are willing to move and change providers.


The Fashion Sleuth: Your Wardrobe’s Private Investigator

- December 10, 2013 3 MIN READ

Have you ever experienced the headache and veritable wild goose chase of trying to track down your dream dress at an affordable price? How about that time you saved for three months to purchase that to-die-for Michael Kors bag, only to find it sold out when you were ready to purchase?


Australian startup to become the first universal anti-fraud system

- August 14, 2013 2 MIN READ

Now that businesses operate in a global marketplace, credit card fraud is no longer restricted by geography – making it harder than ever for online shop owners to protect themselves from deceit. In response, AuthoPay has set themselves to become the first “universal” credit card fraud protection service – allowing merchants to save time, money and lost stock.