The Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Under 40 List of 2015

- March 9, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Unlike other lists of this nature we use a wide set of metrics in putting this list together, this means that although financial turnover or capital raised by the entrepreneurs business is a factor we look at is is not the primary metric. In addition to revenue our team looked at social influence, the entrepreneurs own industry influence, the overall importance of their company mission, the current traction of the company rather than the age of the company and of course being a startup focused publication the list has a bias towards technology based business founders. In fact all women on this years list have utilised technology in some way to scale their venture.


2013: The Lists

- December 12, 2012 2 MIN READ

As we get ready to sit down and tackle 2013 – the team here at Shoe String HQ have sat down and looked at one of the most popular parts of the site – Our Lists that we ran throughout 2012. Next year we want to make these even better and so after much arguing, debating and brainstorming we have decided on the Lists that we will be running and the dates when these will be happening. Here is a sneak peek.


Young and Influential List 2012

- September 5, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

This years Young and Influential was our biggest and toughest yet to judge. Rather than use a panel of 3 or 4 judges as we did last time to come up with our top 10 scores, a cross section of readers unbiased towards the top 30 chosen by Shoe String was chosen to let us know their thoughts based on the following criteria.


What are your 10 Essentials? – Kim Heras

- July 31, 2012 3 MIN READ

Kim is one of the co-founders of PushStart, Kim has worked in the Australian tech startup community for over 10 years, as an entrepreneur, the former editor of The Next Web, Australia and the founder of Open Coffee Sydney – Sydney’s longest running tech startup meet-up with over 1700 members. Previously the Australia & New Zealand Community Manager for MyHeritage, Kim now mentors and invests in startups as part of PushStart, which invested in it’s first batch of startups this year.


The 6 Factors that Determine How to Market to Customers

- July 4, 2012 4 MIN READ

Just a little over two decades ago, consumers had only two options to communicate long distance, telephone and mail. In today’s mobile, post-PC world, consumers have countless ways to communicate instantly with both each other and brands. With so many different marketing channels available, it is increasingly difficult to know which channel a consumer would prefer to be contacted on and what influences that preference.


The 10 Essentials of Niki Scevak

- June 21, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Niki Scevak is the co-founder of HomeThinking which helps home owners find a realtor based on the realtor’s past performance and reviews. He is also the founder of Startmate, a group of startup entrepreneuers offering mentorship and seed financing to engineering-led teams based out of Sydney and an all-round great bloke.