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The Australian startups making waves globally

- June 28, 2018 2 MIN READ

According to the global entrepreneurship monitor report, over 100 million new businesses are launched each year. From the futuristic to the lifesaving, here are a few Australian startups making waves in the global business world.


Founded by Cate Hull and Martyn Hann in 2014, FreightExchange aims to reduce waste in the freight industry by connecting freight carriers with extra capacity on a particular leg to those needing something shipped, allowing a carrier to fill a gap in their truck with a smaller load.

The idea came to Hull while working in the port city of Fremantle in Western Australia. Speaking to port managers and freight operators, Hull saw an opportunity to apply real-time optimisation to freight transport fleets in order to maximise space usage, and with experience in big data and enterprise automation, sought to bring the platform to life.

The business has coverage across metropolitan and regional Australia, and is now exploring international expansion.


Launched in Australia, drone startup Flirtey has been steadily taking on the world over the last few years. Now based in Nevada, where the state government has put in place legislation that has helped innovation in unmanned aerial vehicles – the business has run a number of world-first trials highlighting the potential of drones.

The startup in 2016 completed the first fully autonomous urban drone delivery approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration in Nevada, delivering a package containing bottled water, emergency food, and a first aid kit to a residential setting.

It has also completed a commercial pizza delivery in New Zealand, and late last year announced a partnership to launch the first automated external defibrillator (AED) drone delivery service in the US.

Underscoring the innovative nature of its work, Flirtey’s six-rotor urban drone was accepted for display in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum last year.


With people more conscious of their health than ever, Australian startup mPort has capitalised on the fitness trend to create body mapping technology that allows the user to visually see the data points of their physical health.

It all works through something called the mPod – think of a photobooth you might find at the shopping centre – which captures more than 200,000 data points on a user’s body through non-invasive infrared tech. Through this, a 3D avatar is then generated to show and track physical changes including the user’s basal metabolism rate, BMI, muscle and fat percentages.

Completed in minutes, the 3D body scan can then be accessed from the user’s accompanying app and updated when they next go for a scan, providing a more engaging and accurate way than simply stepping on the scales for people to keep track of and measure their health. The mPods are now more accessible than ever, located in dozens of shopping centres across Australia.

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