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Antler Demo Day: Mys Tyler solves getting the right fit for women buying clothes online

- June 24, 2020 2 MIN READ
Mys Tyler, Sarah Neill
Mys Tyler founder Sarah Neill
It can be hard for women to find fashion that fits, especially when shopping online.

From tall to short, pear- and hourglass-shaped bodies, and everything in between, millions of women struggle daily to find the right outfit.

That’s the problem, Sarah Neill, founder and CEO of Mys Tyler, is aiming to solve.

“I first thought of this problem in 2014, when I was finding it difficult to pull together outfits,” Neill said.

“All the models looked different to me, and what they wore wasn’t going to look the same once I bought it. I longed for a body double with the same height, colouring and size on Instagram that I could follow and buy what they were wearing. Fit is a huge issue and size is just one factor.

So who better to recommend clothes and provide a fashionable example, than other women who reflect you?

Mys Tyler is a fashiontech platform that will match an influencer’s body type with yours and provide you with clothing solutions to match your style, values and budget. The app is particularly relevant in the social commerce world as it converts this into sales for clothing brands. 

“We now have a database of 500 celebrities and a quiz that is available on our website so you can see who most closely matches your body type,”  Neill said.

“We’ve begun recruiting everyday women to be contributors, and these will eventually replace celebrities in the app when it is launched in August. We’re giving ourselves 12 months to test and scale the app. 15,000 women have signed up since March 2020, so they are definitely interested! The engagement is fantastic considering we have only promoted through Facebook and Instagram so far.” 

Brands such as Decjuba, Windsor Smith and Wrangler have all partnered with Mys Tyler.

“We have partnered with fashion brands through affiliate programs,” Neill said.

“Once the platform is live, this will make it easy to buy clothes seen in posts with a simple click and this will also provide our monetisation strategy. These relationships will develop over time, as we prove that our users return less, because we’re solving for fit.”

For this founder, the advantage is relevancy.

Women see pictures of clothing in context, on bodies like theirs and can trust that the clothes they are wearing will also look good on them. We want to provide inspiration that fits,” she said.

“Mys Tyler will take the trial and error out of shopping, it’s like outsourcing the trying on of clothes and having those women provide you with options that are right for you. This also helps with the environmental issue of discarding clothes without the right fit.” 

Sarah launched in Antler Australia’s accelerator program after returning from eight years in New York where she was an executive at Ultra Mobile, one of the fastest growing tech startups in the US. 

“When I decided it was time to work on Mys Tyler full time, I moved back to Australia to build it within the Antler program. My US background will help scale the app globally; and without the need for a visa I can be unrestricted and focussed on the product.”


  • Mys Tyler will feature at Antler Australia’s online Demo Day this Thursday, June 25, at 7.30pm, 

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