Google’s ‘Security Princess’ and 24 other crazy tech job titles

- May 2, 2019 2 MIN READ



One of Startup Daily’s favourite newsletters, which lands in our inbox daily, comes from Anand Sanwal of CB Insights, a US technology business that uses AI-based software to analyse data and predict trends in tech.

Their claim to fame is they “help corporations replace the three Gs (Google searches, gut instinct and guys with MBAs) so they can answer massive strategic questions using probability not punditry”.

The newsletter is interesting, fun and funny – you can sign up and get it for free here – and in the latest edition, Sanwal and the team excel themselves with the 25 oddest job titles in tech.

Of course Star Wars gets a nod in job with Retail Jedi and there are plenty of feudal Japanese warrior fantasies in titles such as Ninjaneer and Time Ninja and someone seems to be channelling their inner Harry Potter with Wizard of Light Bulb Moments.

And then there’s Google’s Security Princess, Parisa Tabriz, a coder working on Chrome, who upgraded from engineer to Princess in 2015

At a conference in Tokyo, she made the official switch from information security engineer to security princess. She’s now a senior engineering director at Google, looking and goes by the title browser boss.

Australia also gets a look in with Verizon’s David “Shingy” Shing self-proclaimed “Digital prophet”, a title he gave himself back in his AOL days. (It’s worth reading this Mumbrella interview with Shing for how it came about).

CB Insights says the trend for distinctive job titles isn’t slowing down based on a recent Indeed survey.

“As firms compete to attract Silicon Valley-vetted talent, their tech job titles are getting increasingly outlandish,” they say.

You can read the full list and where the titles came from at CB Insights here.

And if you have any you’d like to share with Startup Daily so we can create a uniquely Australian list, email the author with your suggestions.

And here are the top 25 job titles CB Insights found, starting with the latest hires at SAP and Google.

1. Innovation Evangelist

2. Dream Alchemist 

3. Weekend Happiness Concierge

4. Happiness Engineer

5. SVG Badass

6. Time Ninja

7. Innovation Alchemist

8. Security Princess

9. Retail Jedi

10. Software Ninjaneer

11. Tax Wrangler

12. Remote Funnel Marketing Ninja

13. Content Hero

14. Meme Librarian

15. Happiness Manager

16. Conversion Optimization Wrangler

17. Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence

18. Innovation Sherpa 

19. Digital Prophet

20. Chief Heart Officer

21. Brand Warrior

22. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

23. Direct-Mail Demigod

24. Full Stack Magician

25. Humbly Confident Product Designer

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