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Bryon drinks startup Organica launches grownup non-alcoholic drinks with a herbal buzz

- February 24, 2023 2 MIN READ
Dayse cofounder Jack Freestone
Dayse, a new brand from Byron Bay’s Organica Beverage Co, is introducing an innovative category of beverages known as “Functional Spritz.” 

Cofounded by surfers Jack Freestone and Alana Blanchard, Dayse’s zero-alcohol drinks are made from plant-based extracts and incorporate adaptogens (plants that reportedly regulate the body’s cortisol levels to help it deal with stress) and nootropics, which are believed to enhance cognitive function.

The pair say it gives people a “functional buzz” without the hangover or excess calories.


Dayse cofounder Alana Blanchard

They’re come with names such as “Awaken”, “Easing” and “Glimmer”.

Awaken is pink grapefruit with “gin-inspired” notes infused with ginkgo, green tea and ginseng. Easing is whisky and ginger-inspired and infused with passionflower, turmeric and Indian ginseng. Glimmer is a rose and hibiscus functional spritz, with sweet white wine notes, infused with L-Theanine, ashwagandha and brahmi.

They’re now is focused on exploring more functional extracts to continue innovating new drinks.  

Organica CEO Tom Woolley describes Dayse as “the future of drinking” , with their alcohol-free premium spritzers infused with wellness extracts.

“With the rising consumption of non-alcoholic beverages, naturally people are going to start searching for some sort of effect to elevate their drinking experience,” he said.

“Our mission with Dayse is to continue crafting innovative & premium adult drinks that offer a positive effect without the regrets that are often associated with alcohol.”


Dayse spritzers

Freestone and Blanchard embody the shift in behaviour among younger consumers who are cutting their alcohol consumption.

“We value our health and active lifestyle, but we also value having fun with friends and family at social events,” Freestone said.

“Dayse is all about replacing the need for alcohol in social settings whilst making sure we never lose those good times.”

The pair believe that Dayse is just the beginning of a shift in how people approach their relationship with alcohol.

Dayse is available online and in select retail locations. 

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