Some of Byron Bay’s most famous brands are collaborating to create products to help tackle climate change

- October 20, 2020 < 1 MIN READ
Will and Eddie Brook have co-founded We, the many to invest in environmental projects.
The founders of three prominent Byron Bay brands from the NSW far north coast holiday town have launched a new environmental initiative to produce carbon neutral products that are also designed to generate investment income for climate positive projects.

 ‘We, the many*’ has been founded by the Brook family—Pam, Martin and their sons Will and Eddie—from Brookfarm, best know for its muesli and macadamia products, and Cape Byron Distillery; and Brad Rogers and Jamie Cook, two of the co-founders of brewery Stone & Wood.

We, the many plans to invest 50% of profits into climate positive solutions including regenerative agriculture, wind and solar farms, recycling technology and forest regeneration.

Will Brook said while all three companies have strong environmental ethics and credentials, they wanted to create a movement where climate change “is a key business driver rather than an afterthought”.

After tipping in initial seed funding to get the project off the ground, ‘We, the many*’ has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help underwrite the initial range of carbon neutral breakfast cereals to fund future projects

“Indiegogo gives supporters the chance to join the project at the ground level and enable us to make our first climate positive investment,” Brook said adding that three options in the granola and porridge range will feature prebiotic green banana resistant starch for gut health, beetroot for sports performance and turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties

“We want to mobilise business to create a commercial solution to a global problem which, over time, can make an even bigger contribution to climate action projects as it grows,” he said.

With four weeks to run on the Indiegogo campaign, the project has raised nearly $3000 towards its target of more than $19,000 from more than 30 backers.

Details are available here.