RMIT partners with Credly to launch blockchain-enabled digital credentials for students

- July 25, 2018 2 MIN READ

RMIT University has partnered with digital credentialing platform Credly to launch an initiative that will provide students with blockchain-enabled digital credentials.

This will give students the ability to publish data about their earned skills and capabilities to blockchain and share them through to LinkedIn and other social networks.

Striking fear into the hearts of those of us who have perhaps exaggerated credentials on our resumes or LinkedIn, RMIT stated credentials published to blockchain will provide enhanced, independent verification of the credential’s authenticity and accuracy.

Professor Belinda Tynan, vice president and deputy vice-chancellor education at RMIT, said, “RMIT is an innovator, and with this initiative we’re exploring the latest application of this technology as part of our commitment to enhancing our students’ experience.

“It’s yet another way that we are working with industry to demonstrate we are providing real world benefits and meaningful student outcomes.”

RMIT will begin offering blockchain-enabled credentials to students who complete its Developing Blockchain Strategy course, along with “industry-relevant” digital credentials from its RMIT Creds portfolio.

A university-wide program aimed at helping students develop their professional and personal skills ahead of their venturing into the workforce, among the credentials offered are ‘Accountability’, ‘Agile ways of working’ and ‘Decision making for effective leadership’.

Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly, said, “This collaboration with a pioneering global partner provides an opportunity to test and refine the application of blockchain in unlocking the full potential for individuals, and organisations, to communicate and discover skills and competencies.”

This is the latest tech initiative launched by RMIT, which has been working to build out its RMIT Online offering.

The university in May launched a ‘cluster’ of short courses on digital transformation via RMIT Online, developed in partnership with REA Group, Tigerspike, and Paper Giant.

The five courses take students through human centred design, product development and innovation, digital marketing fundamentals, CX strategy and design, and digital delivery with agile.

RMIT Online also in February partnered with Stone and Chalk and Accenture to develop an eight week course on blockchain strategy, and last November announced the rollout of new coding courses taught through Apple’s App Development with Swift curriculum, becoming the first Australian institution to sign up to run the curriculum.

Image: Professor Belinda Tynan. Source: RMIT.