Victor Dominello, the driving force behind the NSW government’s Digital ID project, on the lessons from data hacks and the way forward for online privacy

- March 14, 2023 2 MIN READ
Victor Dominello
Victor Dominello
Victor Dominello won’t be NSW government minister cutting the ribbon on the fruits of several years of hard work building the Digital ID app.

The member for Ryde retires from politics after 15 years when NSW voters go to the polls on March 25. But for the past several years he’s been driving digital innovation and reform in how the government operates online in ways that will also have a profound impact not just in the state, but also the nation.

And the world is watching what is happening.

Dominello is one of 100 people currently beta testing the Digital ID project, which he says will transform online privacy and data protection alongside the convenience of being able to prove your identity with a tap of your smartphone.

NSW has led the way, collaborating with federal government in building what’s been dubbed a ‘digital spine’ – Dominello likens it more to a double helix –  that will become digital rails rolled out nationally to agreed standard that also apply internationally. By the third quarter of 2023, both Services Australia and Service NSW will switch on a collaboration that will enable users to have a digital Medicare card and digital drivers licence under their respective apps, if they choose. It’s the start of a transformation in how you prove your bona fides for everything from hiring a car to renting a home and getting into the pub.

Minister Dominello joined editor Simon Thomsen for an extended conversation on the Startup Daily show today to talk about a range of issues, spanning politics, digital innovation and the potential for the startup sector.

The conversation canvassed:

  • How to communicate complex ideas to everyone so they understand
  • How can private tech companies work with government
  • The transformative potential of the Digital ID
  • The lessons from the 2020 Services NSW data breach

You can watch the interview by clicking below.

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