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Australian electric car-sharing platform evee charges ahead with crowdfunding campaign on Birchal

- March 27, 2023 < 1 MIN READ
Evee, Slava Kozlovskii
evee founder Slava Kozlovskii
Electric car-sharing startup evee is raising capital via crowdfunding, as it looks to expand into the UK and EU markets. 

Evee launched in 2016 and is now hoping to raise $1.6 million in an equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal. 

The company hit three million kilometres of electric vehicle (EV) sharing just days before kicking off the campaign earlier this month. It take a 35% cut of the rental price on EVs booked through the sites

Evee founder Slava Kozlovskii said they are riding the wave of Australia’s early adopters of electric cars. The marketplace has one of the largest EV fleets in Australia, featuring brands such as Tesla, Polestar, Kia, Mercedes, and MG in major cities.

The crowdfunding campaign give people who believe in the space the chance to invest in it without having to buy a car.

So we are quite excited as our community of hosts and renters are a very passionate bunch, and this is one of the first chances to get behind an Australian player in the industry,” he said.. 

“We are looking to keep up with the huge increase in electric vehicles entering this market, allowing access to a bigger audience and further dampening the environmental impact of owning a car.

“Our plan is not to just provide the cars but ensure renewable energy to power them is always a part of the equation.” 

Expressions of interest for evee close today ahead of the campaign opening more broadly to investors.