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Meetric wants to solve the most annoying part of office meetings – the GSD from decisions

- July 2, 2020 3 MIN READ
Meetric co-founders Jonathan Lemish, Paul Boudet, and Steven Hodgson. Photo: supplied
Hours each week are wasted by teams across the world because meeting actions get lost, and projects get delayed, leaving feelings of dissatisfaction and unproductiveness. 

Meetric is on a mission to stop this from happening.

The digital product, integrated and linked with the events in your Google & Microsoft Calendar, helps managers better record and track actions decided in meetings. It removes the follow up actions of a meeting by automatically recording and tracking these actions in one central place, and connects with your favourite tools.

“Every company has inefficient meetings,” said co-founder and CEO, Paul Boudet.

“When we surveyed close to 200 professionals from 12 countries, their biggest issue was that meeting actions got lost.

“When actions get lost when you work with different teams, you don’t have the visibility of how actions are recorded and tracked. If you lose this visibility, this creates more work to keep people accountable.

“We saw a way to provide a solution to this problem by automating the process in a central place where people could connect to and share actions with the right people.

“The aim is to remove extra work to achieve higher velocity, more transparency and team collaboration.”

Meetric is built for the end users in mind and is aimed to not disrupt your workflow, but rather enhance it. 

Right now, Meetric’s number one priority is to create a product that people love and keep using. They plan to scale their user base to over 1,000 this year.

“The base product will be free,” said Boudet. “Then companies who want to get access to premium features, like extra security or analytics, will have to purchase the product.

“The beta version will be launched by the end of June 2020 from the hundreds of people that signed up to be on the waitlist, such as Atlassian and Deloitte. By providing a free open product we hope to attract users and make the product as good as possible.

“We will concentrate on refining the product, integrations and premium features. We are in the process of integrating Meetric with tools such as Slack and Trello and can leverage off their marketplaces to gain new audiences.”

Boudet has a strong sales, marketing and operations background, having worked in Australia, the US, France and the UK, where he founded the pureplay e-commerce brand, UrbanHideout.com. 

“I’ve always been attracted by the startup space because the companies are smaller and more nimble,” said Boudet.

“‘The greater the obstacle, the more glory once it is overcome’ is a quote that resonates with me in my experience, as I don’t believe in short cuts.

“The projects where you learn the most and work the hardest are the ones that you succeed in the most and feel the best about.”

In the last three months, the team at Meetric – which includes co-founders Steven Hodgson (CTO) and Jonathan Lemish (CPO) – have made sure that those that signed up for early access went through a detailed questionnaire that helped identify their targeted personas. Key roles include implementation managers and customer success managers. They are targeting companies of between 10 to 300 staff.

“We help roles, such as Project Managers, keep track of actions with other stakeholders, which ultimately helps the project finish earlier than expected,” said Boudet.

In order to accelerate user growth and product development, Meetric will be fundraising in September 2020 and are keen to chat with investors who share their passion for making meetings better.

“We are at the intersection of meeting productivity, task management and team collaboration,” said Boudet, “At the moment we are focussed on meeting productivity, but the traction and feedback we receive will tell us where we should go next.”

“There is a solution in each of those three meeting spaces. We could extend and own the whole meeting journey to make it more engaging and efficient.”

  • Meetric was part of Antler Australia’s Sydney accelerator program. Applications for the next cohort can be made hereStartupDaily is the official media partner of Antler Australia’s Demo Day.

*  GSD – Get Shit Done