Monash Uni students launch alcoholic seltzer brand Wonki via crowdfunding

- March 31, 2023 < 1 MIN READ
Wonki team, Max Moolman, Bridget Lansell, Gabriel Tucker. Photo: Supplied
Three Monash University students have launched an alcoholic seltzer brand, Wonki, for pre-sale on the crowdfunding platform Pozible.

They are almost halfway into raising the $30,000 target to turn Wonki into a ready-to-drink reality. 

Wonki was developed at Monash’s Fastrack Accelerator program by cofounders Gabriel Tucker, Max Moolman, and Briget Lansell. 

The alcoholic seltzer brand team devised an environmentally sound business model using landfill-bound fruit for the drinks with the help of local manufacturers. 

Wonki has partnered with Farmers Pick for sourcing produce, Market Juice for juicing, and the final product manufactured at Gypsy Hub. 

Industry connections helped the Wonki team learn about the Australian landfill crisis through local experts and also trial the manufacturing process.

Tucker said they wanted to create an environmentally sound method of ensuring perfectly edible produce makes it off the farm, unlike the other 25% that typically doesn’t.


Wonki Cucumber and Lime can

“We’re also uni students, so premium beverages that boast a cool aesthetic and fresh taste excite us, naturally,” Tucker said. 

Wonki’s alcoholic seltzers are the first in the Australian beverage market to turn ‘wonki’ looking fruits away from landfills and into yummy drinks. 

The product has 5% alcohol, changes flavours with the seasons (depending on what fruit and vegetables are readily available at the time), and has fully recyclable packaging, ticking the circularity box as well.  

The drink is also a low-sugar alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages and allows consumers to support Australian farmers.  

The team’s goal is to hit a target revenue of $30,000 by Friday, April 14. Details are here.