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Aerospace startup Kite Magnetics has developed the world’s most powerful & lightest electric engine for planes

- February 28, 2023 2 MIN READ
Kite Magnetics team
The Kite Magnetics team led by founder Dr Richard Parsons

Melbourne aerospace startup Kite Magnetics has revealed its 120 kW air-cooled electric motor, the world’s most powerful for planes, at the Avalon Air Show.

The lightweight motor, made from a unique new magnetic material called Aeroperm, is more powerful than a small car engine but only weighs as much as  a full suitcase.

Kite Magnetics spun out of Monash University five months ago and raised $1.85 million in a Seed round in October last year, led by Investible through its new climate tech fund, supported by Breakthrough Victoria, Galileo and Possible Ventures.

Founder and CEO Dr Richard Parsons said his small team of young engineers has developed an electric motor for a new generation of all-electric aircraft to stay in the air for longer, cutting carbon emissions in the notoriously carbon heavy sector. 

“We are excited to launch not only the world’s most powerful air-cooled electric motor for electric aircraft but also the first commercially available electric motor that uses this new type of magnetic  material,” he said.

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The Kite Magnetics 120kW KM-120 electric motor

“With our Aeroperm magnetic materials technology, we can reduce the energy wasted in parts of  an electric motor by more than 10 times. This means we can use air cooling even at very high power levels. This makes our motors simpler, more reliable and extremely lightweight”.

They’re accepting orders and expect to begin shipping to existing customers over the coming year. 

Dr Parsons said he’s “extremely proud” of his what his team developed in a short space of time.

“It’s a real testament to the quality of engineering talent here in Melbourne and shows that we have what it takes to build a world-class electric propulsion OEM right here in Australia,” he said.   

“Using Kite Magnetics electric motor technology, we could board an emissions free electric aircraft in years, not decades.”

The Avalon 2023 Australian International Air Show is on February 28 – March 5 in Geelong, Victoria.

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