CASH FOR COASTLINE: Newcastle is offering $10,000 grants to entrepreneurs set up shop in the city

- March 3, 2021 2 MIN READ
Newcastle's Deputy Lord Mayor Declan Clausen, former Masterchef contestant Reece Hignell from Cakeboi and Trystan Eeles from Liftango, a tech startup that moved up from Sydney.
Newcastle is looking for startup entrepreneurs to relocate to the port city, two hours north of Sydney, and is offering a $10,000 grant to up to 30 innovative people and businesses. 

The ‘New Move’ economic development initiative to attract people to relocate and invest in Newcastle is hoping to create up to 75 new jobs and generate an extra $25 million in local economic output.

City of Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said New Move is an Australian first, adapted from the US Tulsa Remote initiative, to help attract new skills and talent.

“Newcastle is an economic hub driven by innovation and skills and we want to share this fact with all of Australia,” she said.

“The grant is one great reason to consider a move to Newcastle, however there are 10,000 more reasons why Newcastle is the perfect place for entrepreneurial, community-minded and innovative people to create impact.

“We know people can be apprehensive about moving cities. New Move and the 10,000 Reasons campaign promotes Newcastle as a safe, welcoming location for Australia’s top entrepreneurial talent.

Nelmes said Newcastle was home to world-class education, healthcare, and aerospace hubs, and an innovation ecosystem that supports startups.

Case studies featuring recipients of the New Move grant who relocated to Newcastle are on the New Move website, including season 10 Masterchef contestant Reece Hignell, who opened his new cake shop, Cakeboi, in the city.

Trystan Eeles, a co-founder of Liftango, a tech star-up focused on transport and shared mobility, set up shop in Newcastle in 2019, ahving come out of the Slingshot accelerator program. The startup helps business parks, corporates, universities and community transport groups with its carpooling and on demand bus technology platforms.

Expressions of Interest are now open for people to explore and experience Newcastle at a weekend event on April 9-11 .

More information is available on the New Move website and FAQs page.