Antler has $780,000 to invest in startups working on coronavirus solutions

- April 14, 2020 2 MIN READ
Photo: Antler
Startup accelerator and VC investor Antler is on the hunt for startups looking to tackle problems created by Covid-19, pledging to invest up to US$500,000 (AU$780,000) in up to five teams globally. 

Antler, which has a Sydney program that launched last year, is looking for coronavirus-focused startups in the following areas:

  • Mitigation (e.g. masks, contact tracing, surveillance, data infrastructure) 
  • Medical Equipment (e.g. test kits, protective devices, ventilators) 
  • Remote Health (e.g. telehealth, remote patient monitoring, symptom checkers) 
  • Digital Tools (e.g. remote work, smart delivery, e-learning). The purpose is to contribute towards the path to recovery from the crisis.

Antler will spend a week looking at the submissions and selected teams for a video pitch session and then the chance to pitch to Antler’s Investment Committee (IC) remotely. The investment criteria will take into account the relevance towards mitigating COVID-19, as well as how the startup works in a post-COVID-19 era. 

Antler founder and CEO Magnus Grimeland said the company’s global network of entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts, will help the startups they invest in get their solutions off the ground and make them accessible to those who need them as quickly as possible. 

“It has long been a mantra of the tech ecosystem that entrepreneurs are building the world of tomorrow. We are calling on the brightest to create solutions that help guarantee the global community can recover, and grow, following the crisis. We believe that the technologies created during this crisis will have the potential to create a fairer and better future,” he said. 

“As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt human life around the world, now is a time when innovators need to come together for the greater good. That’s why we believe it is our time to do our part at Antler.” 

Antler was founded in Singapore in 107 and is now in 8 locations globally. 

Applications close tomorrow, April 15, and the details are available here