Curtin University picks 9 startups for its new accelerator program

- February 28, 2023 2 MIN READ
Tamara Berryman
Founder Tamara Berryman with Wata Watcha device.
Curtin University has revealed the startups in its newly redesigned accelerator program.

Curtin Accelerate is free program to university researchers, staff, students, and graduates. It equips them with the tools to take their ideas to market quickly and effectively.

The Accelerate program supports innovative projects such as a construction marketplace platform to connect clients with the right suppliers and improve efficiency and a household water leak detection device. 

Wata Watcha founder Tamara Berryman said household leaks were common and often went unnoticed for months, causing damage and costing homeowners, renters, insurers, and water authorities money while wasting thousands of litres of water. 

“The Wata Watcha uses long-range Wi-Fi to send water usage data to a networking device called a  bridge, which connects with and uploads the data to our website, where it can be accessed by users,” she said.  

“The Accelerate program presents a great opportunity for our team to gain access to commercialisation  experts, investors, potential partners, and other invaluable support.” 

Procuracon co-founders Cuong Ly and Andrew McColgan, have created a web app that streamlines the procurement process for construction. Their platform helps developers, land and building owners, and government agencies to

Curtin Accelerator

Procuracon co-founders, Andrew McColgan and Cuong Ly

find qualified suppliers more efficiently.

The 2023 Accelerate cohort has access to $100,000 in equity-free funding, partly supported by Lotterywest through Spacecubed’s IdeaStarter fund. 

Other projects that teams in the 2023 Accelerate program are working on include:

  • Care Corner: a digital platform that enables carers to track data and make informed healthcare decisions.
  • Heal Domain: a chronic pain management platform empowering practitioners and patients to create better healthcare outcomes.
  • STEM XR: a virtual reality platform connecting students to relevant STEM experiences.
  • Matilda: a digital platform providing holistic care for endometriosis patients from home.
  • Luddi: a disability-focused assistive technology startup, including the world’s first sex toy catering to all bodies.
  • Insole Lab: an AI-powered startup making custom shoe insoles more affordable and accessible.
  • Speed Signature: a SaaS technology using movement biomechanics analysis to manage athletes in sports.
  • RockAI: a mining technology delivering real-time orebody and rock mass characterisation to reduce waste and enable greater recovery of critical minerals.
  • Animate Infinity: a virtual reality-based training platform for aggression prevention and management.

Curtin Accelerate runs one day a week for 12 weeks. E

Founders receive a $5,000 equity-free grant and gain access to Curtin infrastructure and resources.

The program ends in April, with founders presenting their innovative idea to Western Australia’s business community Accelerate Demonstration Night on April 20.