Antler just invested in 13 new startups – and nearly half have a female founder who’s also the CEO

- June 8, 2021 4 MIN READ
Antler startup founder cohort
The H1 2021 cohort of startups joining Antler Australia portfolio. 


  • Antler has invested in more than a dozen early-stage Australian startups
  •  The local round of investments brings its local portfolio to 53 
  • See these teams in action at Antler’s new community pitch event on June 24 
Global early-stage VC Antler has just revealed that it has invested in 13 new early-stage Australian startups. 

These businesses are a combination of startups built with Antler and accelerated cases that joined the VC platform as an existing business, and went through dedicated coaching before attracting the investment. 

Last week, Antler announced it was moving away from its previous Demo Day model to launch a new investment platform that will help startups raise more capital. But it still plans to hold a small-scale community pitch event for the startups to raise brand awareness, as well as attract first customers, hires, and more advisors. 

Antler invests $190,000 for a 12% equity stake in each company as part of a pre-seed round, minus a $65,000 services fee.

Antler Australia Managing Partner Bede Moore said the diversity and breadth of the latest cohort demonstrated how Antler is democratising local entrepreneurship to solve real problems, create sustainable value, and make the world a better place. 

“The investments span Edutech, Consumer, SaaS, Health Tech, PropTech, Deep Tech, Aerospace, and more, and of the 13 companies, 46% have a female founder and in all cases, that founder is also the CEO,” he said. 

It’s Antler’s fourth cohort since launching in Australia in 2019 and the company is now looking for founders for its next cohort beginning next month (details below).

Here’s a look at Antler’s newest portfolio companies, and what they do.



A number of internet trends, and the ongoing pandemic, have contributed to the meteoric rise of the Creator Economy.

Capitalising on this, adash is the answer for chefs (and at-home cooks) to make the most of the revolution in patronage by empowering food content creators to build and grow their own subscription business. 



Bramp, Benni Weller

Bramp co-founder and CEO Benni Weller.

So many startups struggle with their brand, going through multiple iterations in their first year of life because they lack strategic clarity. Bramp is solving for this.

An all-in-one branding solution for startups and SME, Bramp enables founders to connect strategy, design, and marketing, so they can build a powerful brand, manage it long-term and leverage its equity for commercial success. 



In the post-Covid world, remote learning solutions have gained popularity, but none have been nearly as effective as in-person learning.

Classnika is reimagining remote education with a fully integrated platform that creates a rich, engaging, and safe e-learning experience that is as effective as in-person learning. 



Abrility, Nina Hooper

Abrility co-founder and CEO Nina Hooper.

Edutech for high school students is booming worldwide as parents seek out platforms to help their children cultivate skills that will assist in successful future endeavours. Identifying this trend, the co-founders of Abrility have built an online learning platform dedicated to helping students build essential skills through real-world challenges related to their interests. 



Hearoes is a SaaS platform that accelerates the joys of hearing new sounds, confidence, and well-being for those with hearing loss.

Using Hearoes, both recipients and clinicians can collaborate, track and empower hearing to maximise outcomes together.



StoryTiling, Aliaa Remtilla 

StoryTiling co-founder and CEO Aliaa Remtilla

People are losing the stories of their families. We try to preserve our family legacy with genealogical tools or through the 1.4 trillion digital photos taken each year, but these solutions don’t capture the context and meaning behind the photo or the historical record.

StoryTiling is a consumer app that uses anthropological science to help people capture their life stories in the form of videos and narratives, and share them with family and friends. 


One Key Access 

One Key Access is a contextual access control platform that automates courier access to the fragmented smart delivery ecosystem, to enable frictionless 24/7 deliveries.

Couriers are registered to the One Key Access platform, are each provided a unique digital key, and are connected to One Key Access enabled buildings, smart locks, and parcel lockers on their delivery route. 


Patch, Mark Allen

Patch co-founder and CEO Mark Allen.

Patch is bringing efficiency, transparency, and opportunity to the Australian housing market, giving buyers a greater chance of landing their dream home, and homeowners an opportunity to engage motivated buyers without listing their property. 



Air travel is a major contributor to global CO2 emissions. Emerging battery and hydrogen technologies are unlikely to be useful for long-distance flights in the coming decade.

Savion is leveraging bio-LNG as an alternative fuel, and developing a custom aircraft for long-distance travel that is carbon negative and costs the same as a business class ticket. 



Koverd, Fabrizia Roberto.

Koverd co-founder and CEO Fabrizia Roberto.

Dealing with insurance is time-consuming and confusing for most people. While insurers don’t have the data or channels to target their preferred customers and have a high cost of acquisition. Koverd is a virtual insurance advisor that helps people easily see, manage and buy all of their insurance policies in one place. 



600 million people around the world have PTSD – equivalent to the entire population of North America, and current treatments often don’t work.

Flintworks is delivering the future of mental health care, starting with the development of VR software to assist psychologists with the treatment of PTSD. 



Sahha, Doug MacDonald. 

Sahha co-founder and CEO Doug MacDonald.

Sahha is a predictive mental health technology platform that is committed to reducing the impact of poor mental health on people and organisations.

The app predicts the likelihood of the user’s risk of depression by unobtrusively collecting insights on a user’s behavior, like the quality of sleep, staying at home, and language usage.

Early depression detection can lessen the intensity and cost of intervention required, reducing the impact on the user and organisation. 


Skoutli co-founder and CEO Caroline Lepron.

Riding the rising wave of the Creator Economy, Skoutli helps content creators find the perfect location for their next photoshoot.

The affordable location scouting platform lets creators book exactly what they really need, so they can focus on making content that stands apart from the competition. 


  • Antler is currently taking applications for its fifth Australian cohort. If you, or someone you know, is ready to build their own startup or have an existing startup and are looking to scale, apply to Antler. Its next cohort kicks off on June 21 across Sydney and Melbourne.
  • StartupDaily is the official media partner of Antler in Australia.