A South Australian tech startup built a virtual assistant for FAQs on covid-19

- April 30, 2020 < 1 MIN READ


Adelaide-based tech startup Clevertar has built a virtual agent called Zoe for South Australia Health in just day to answer commonly asked covid-19 questions. 

Clevertar CEO Tanya Newhouse said demand for health related information had increased exponentially and help South Australians follow official health guidelines.

“We are proud to be assisting SA Health to alleviate some of the pressures on the health system, allowing their vital staff to triage more complex enquiries and make sure everyone has access to accurate and timely information about COVID-19,” she said. 

“This technology will help alleviate some of that pressure, allowing SA Health staff to triage more complex and urgent enquiries, helping to potentially save lives and protect the vulnerable. “

Newhouse said Clevertar will now use coming weeks to develop the capacity of the sophisticated AI bot to answer a wider range of complex questions. 

“Zoe in her current form is just the start; at the moment she is able to answer a set of pre-defined questions and provides relevant links to further information. The next development phase is all about ensuring she has even greater capabilities,” she said. 

“Rather than consumers finding it difficult to hold a conversation with this technology, the evolution of virtual agents like Zoe with their human-like features, speech and body language have been shown to enhance the consumer’s responsiveness to information provided. 

“We know that consumers enjoy interacting with virtual humans as it’s convenient and self-directed; we certainly hope that Zoe is going to be a big help over the next few months.”

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