Scriptrock and other Startmate alumni are beginning to show the value of Australian accelerator programs

- August 19, 2014 4 MIN READ

In the early days, accelerators like Startmate and Angelcube faced criticism from some commentators in the tech space. It is apparent now that those remarks may have been made way too early, because the systemised approach that these programs have followed to take startups to market has begun to yield very positive results – not just for the companies, but for the broader Australian ecosystem.


ScriptRock, A Million Bucks & Banana Bread?

- July 25, 2012 3 MIN READ

When I called to congratulate Mike [Baukes] last night on ScriptRocks funding round we spent the first few minutes talking about something extremely important to both of us – Banana Bread. In fact I may have gone out and bought some Banana Bread immediately after our very candid interview [I swear I could smell the slice he was eating down the phone] so just fyi Mike I am blaming you if I put on weight this week, being single and living alone I had the arduous task of eating a half loaf to myself.