Tropest, the transgender hating film festival?

- December 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

Last night Perth based film maker Matt Hardie was celebrating his Tropfest win for his short film Bamboozled (above) – today however he has woken up to outrage from the Trans and Gay and Lesbian community, labelling his film as offensive and insensitive. On top of that now social media activists are berating the film for it’s glorification of rape culture.


Clicks & Impressions, My war on B2B Advertising.

- March 18, 2013 3 MIN READ

Media Agencies sell and buy on behalf of their clients, and when it comes to “making a deal” and paying publishers revenue, I am not going to deny that it doesn’t happen and that in a lot of cases it is not lucrative to the publishers. It is. But as a publisher that has a publication which focuses on startups and small business, I see a big problem in the industry – I have been told “that’s how it works” and that may be so, but I feel that the advertising world online in a lot of cases full of lazy people that do not seek to look outside the box and deliver a one dimensional product taking no responsibility in actually helping grow their clients business.


My Big Fat $10,000 FCUK Up!

- July 30, 2012 3 MIN READ

I was kind of hesitant to write about this to be perfectly honest with you all. But in the end after having a talk with my team, we realised that part of why we started Shoe String was to help educate those people who are just starting out on their own business venture as well as create content and commentary that people relate to so they don’t feel so isolated.