Will individuals ever own their data?

- February 24, 2016 6 MIN READ

Imagine a future, perhaps one like this, where your data is a genuine asset. It is owned and controlled by you. You provision your data to the people and organisations you choose in ways that have value to you. In fact, when calculating your net worth, data is a key consideration.


Will 2016 finally be the year of the drone?

- January 11, 2016 3 MIN READ

The tech world has been promising that “this year” will be the year that drones finally take off, with drones expected to do everything from delivering Amazon packages in the suburbs to helping farmers with their crops, but 2016 might finally see this promise become a reality.

News & Analysis

The Next Web’s co-founder unveils Index, a business intelligence tool that tracks private tech companies globally

- August 12, 2015 6 MIN READ

Patrick de Laive, best known for co-founding one of the world’s top tech media and event companies The Next Web (TNW), has recently unveiled Index, a business intelligence tool that tracks thousands of tech companies around the world. Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag and a closed beta tester of Index described the tool as “what [he’d] always wanted Crunchbase to become”.


Moodmetric’s ring helps people recognise stress triggers and understand fluctuations in their mood

- July 13, 2015 3 MIN READ

Along with crimped hair, the mood ring was a fashion staple for teen girls in the 90s and 2000s. The ring changed colours depending on what mood the wearer was in, and though no one actually knew what colour corresponded to which mood, but we all wanted one anyway. Technology has now gone one better: Finnish startup Moodmetric has created the a smart ring, which actually does track emotions and stress levels.