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Startup Parkhound jumps on the bitcoin bandwagon

- January 7, 2014 4 MIN READ

The internet has recently been abuzz with bitcoin tell-tales; and more and more startups are recognising the need to keep up with this technology trend. The latest startup to incorporate cryptocurrency into their payment system is Parkhound – an Australian-based online marketplace that connects drivers seeking parking spaces with local property owners who have spaces to spare.


Open Shed builds a better sharing world

- September 30, 2013 4 MIN READ

Open Shed is part of the global collaborative consumption movement allowing Australians to rent, use and return all kinds of handy goods – whether they’re household tools, camping gear, electronics or anything in between. The peer-to-peer rental site recently partnered with OzHarvest and launched a donate-to-charity feature enabling people to donate a percentage or all of their rental fee to charity.


Startups and the City of Sydney

- August 13, 2012 5 MIN READ

Firstly, full disclosure. It is no secret that Angela Vithoulkas and I know each other, we are close friends, business colleagues and we both host the “Startups” show together on her radio station – Eagle Waves Radio. So when this woman who I consider a good friend told me she was going to be running for Lord Mayor in this year’s City of Sydney council elections – I naturally was excited for her and of course as a friend want her to win. On the same token though, part of the core mantra with my business [Shoe String] is that I want to give readers an objective view of things when it comes to content on our site.


New Startup changes the way we think about our Spaces

- August 8, 2012 2 MIN READ, an online peer-to-peer marketplace for physical space, is not only disrupting the self-storage and parking market, it seeks to bring a new space supply while changing the way people think about and use their space. The intent is to revolutionize the way empty space is used by transforming everyday spaces; i.e. garages, backyards, offices, driveways, etc., into rentable spaces that you can use (e.g. music brands space to practice), store or park (e.g. car, boat etc).


Ignition Labs 2012 Class Innovating for the Greater Good!

- July 30, 2012 2 MIN READ

The Ignition Labs Clean Tech Seed Accelerator operates within ATP Innovations and has just recently announced their new [and first] class for their Clean Tech Incubator. Much like various other incubator programs such as Pushstart and Startmate, the Ignition Labs program will be an intensive 3 month program in which the successful applicants will be developed as business people, validate and refine their technology and business model – and then finish things off with a roadshow pitching to investors across Australia and the United States.