How to: Start a Business with Little or No Money

- December 17, 2012 4 MIN READ

Savvy entrepreneurs faced with a shaky economy are understandably more fiscally cautious when launching a new business venture. Today, investing a great deal of money in a start-up can be a risky choice and, for some, it’s not even a possibility. However, that reality shouldn’t stand in the way of your career goals.


Event: Improve Cashflow & Grow your Business

- December 3, 2012 2 MIN READ

Here are some stark facts… 92% of small to medium enterprise owners/managers frequently stress about cash flow. 80% say cash flow affects their home life. 52% have taken a pay cut and end up running the business to pay their staff not themselves!


What to do, if you are Doing it Tough!

- August 21, 2012 5 MIN READ

One day, if we’re sitting down late at night over a good bottle of wine I will tell you about my dark days in business. Before the age of 30 I had made millions and lost it all … Twice! Along the way (and even in the “good” times) I’ve had some pretty down days. I’ve had days where I was so on edge that I felt sick. Days where I wanted to run away. Days where I shouted abuse at my closest allies. Stuff I’m not proud of but stuff I’m sharing with you because in business it happens to most of us.


Less than 1 in 5 Businesses have had Growth in the last 12 months!

- July 4, 2012 4 MIN READ

The July 2012 MYOB Business Monitor found fewer than one fifth (19%) of the 1,004 business owners and managers surveyed nationally expected the domestic economy to improve within 12 months. This is unchanged from the March 2012 report, which revealed the lowest percentage recorded since the March 2009 report (16%).


Watch Your P&L And Cashflow like a Hawk!

- June 15, 2012 2 MIN READ

Cutting your administrative charges (also known as “selling, general and administrative expenses”) is a good way to increase profit, especially when the company is having a difficulty in increasing its sales. Review your internal policies and procedures and identify procedures that cost money and figure out ways to save some money. In the long run, your savings from this aspect will help your company achieve financial growth.