Wellington startup SuchCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform for ticketing events

- September 28, 2016 4 MIN READ

SuchCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform for events and uses highly targeted user-led promotion, rather than the age old tradition of telegraph posters and pushing out events to a large and mostly unrelated audiences. This model shifts the ownice from the event planner who is pressured to reach a certain ticket target required by the venue.


Music is back in business with new online platform Kicktone

- October 1, 2013 4 MIN READ

Kicktone is an online platform set to bring the business back into music, by helping bands worldwide rise from the cracks of obscurity. Launched today, Kicktone allows users to sell their music and merchandise directly to their fans through social media integration, all the while providing them access to a highly engaged audience.