[PODCAST] Startup Meet Corporate – Episode 28: Mirvac

- April 17, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

On this episode, we chat about office space with Paul Edwards, General Manager of Workplace Experiences at Mirvac.

In this role, Paul is looking at the future of work and how Mirvac, as a developer building Australia’s workspaces, can build “smart precincts” and spaces that accommodate and cater to the shifting nature and needs of businesses and their employees.

With tech companies and collaboration between startups and corporates a part of this shift, Mirvac in 2017 opened a startup hub called Hoist, at Sydney’s Australian Technology Park. A second Hoist location was recently launched in Ultimo.

Gina had a chat with Paul about the future of work, what Mirvac learned from the development and running of the first Hoist space, and what makes a ‘smart precinct’.

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