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The Antler Investor Memo: Codis is cutting the cost of software development with automation

- September 29, 2022 2 MIN READ
Codis cofounders Oleksandr Tkachuk & Marc Gahan

Early stage investment company Antler Australia recently backed 13 startups as part of its ongoing program to build great local tech companies. Over six weeks, Startup Daily will share the details of each venture in the “Antler Investor Memos” series.

You can also meet the founders on the Startup Daily show on ausbiz.com.au every Monday and Wednesday.

This series is designed to give you a quick, sharp understanding of the startups and people involved, with many seeking follow up capital following Antler’s initial pre-seed investment. 


Company: Codis

Formation date: 2022

Stage of business: Pre-Seed

Founders: Oleksandr Tkachuk and Marc Gahan

Current investors: Antler

Currently raising: Yes


The business

Today, engineering teams turn designs into code manually creating a significant resource drain. Codis has developed a solution that enables businesses to build software faster by automating the conversion of designs into production-ready code, and ultimately reducing the cost of software development. 

This automation will cut front-end development time in half without impacting the developer’s customisability and ownership of the code.

The first iteration of Codis’ product is focused on Google’s open-source UI software, Flutter. It does this by converting designs on the popular interface design tool Figma into reusable components on Flutter.


Antler investment thesis

“While low and no code solutions have emerged as a hypercompetitive market, Codis brought something special to the table by not only solving a pain point for software engineering teams but taking it to the next level by transforming design assets into fully functioning code,” said Bede Moore, Managing Partner of Antler APAC.

“We see Codis transforming the future of digital design code for software engineering teams, and believe Olex and Marc are the founders to build the solution.”


Traction/milestones, to date

Codis has launched the first version of its product that automatically converts Figma designs into production-ready Flutter code. It has secured over 1000 product instals with 50% month-on-month growth.

Codis is currently building a machine learning capability to equip professional developers with the highest quality code.


Due diligence resources

Explore Codis’ pitch video and investor deck via The Antler Portfolio Reveal Platform.


Latest funding

Pre-Seed from Antler


Use of funds

With Antler Australia’s initial investment, Codis has been able to build and launch its beta product. 

It is actively raising capital to complete a three-stage machine learning capability strategy enabling Codis to convert any Figma design into high-quality production-ready code.


The founders say

“We are addressing a huge growing market. We believe that the ability of businesses to increase the speed at which they deploy software is increasingly important,” said Marc Gahan, co-founder and CEO of Codis.

“At Codis, we are the right team with a deep insight on how to best automate designs into code. My co-founder Olex has spent over 18 years as a front-end developer and technical lead, and knows all too well the resource drain and scalability issues created by manually converting designs into code.

“Our product already returns more accurate and better-structured code than other solutions out there, and our machine learning capability will enable us to further strengthen this competitive advantage.

“The quality of Antler’s dedicated coaching and network of entrepreneurs, experts and advisors has been exceptional.”


What’s next?

Antler, a global early-stage VC, recently showcased the latest investments it’s made in ambitious Australian founders and startups. Codis featured as one of Antler Australia’s newest portfolio companies.

Explore how Codis automates the conversion of designs into production-ready code via the Antler Portfolio Reveal Platform. 


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