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Antler Investor Memo Series: Revisit is changing how you search and share information online

- July 7, 2023 3 MIN READ
Revisit cofounders Daniel Givney, Robyn Cowie and Suvam Ganguli
Revisit cofounders Daniel Givney, Robyn Cowie and Suvam Ganguli

Early stage investment company Antler Australia recently backed a new cohort of startups as part of its ongoing program to build great local tech companies.

Startup Daily is sharing the details of each venture in the “Antler Investor Memos” series, which is designed to give you a quick,  sharp understanding of the startups and people involved, with many seeking follow up capital following Antler’s initial pre-seed investment.

Company: Revisit 

Founded: 2022 

Stage of business: Pre-Seed 

Founders: Robyn Cowie, Daniel Givney and Suvam Ganguli 

Current investors: Antler 

Currently raising: Yes 

Description of business 

One billion of us globally are knowledge workers who are paid to add value to information. But gradually, our relationship with information has broken. We are receiving more information on more channels and devices than ever before, and since covid our work and personal lives are blurring. Search engine results can be corrupted by advertising, and newsfeeds rely on us spending time on the site. 

Revisit wants to take the stress out of finding, using and sharing information and they are building an information network that will push you the information you want from the people you trust when you need it. 

With over 8.5 billion Google searches per day across the world, the average person is estimated to make upwards of 120 searches per month. For many of us, we are all too familiar with the experience of discovering information online, then needing to revisit that website a second, third or even fourth time, and yet sometimes not being able to find the exact website initially used.

Accessing information across multiple devices and communicating across multiple channels is an everyday occurrence for knowledge workers. According to Revisit’s customer data interviews, 95% of people have dozens of tabs open across multiple windows, send links to themselves that they never get back to or waste time looking for articles they saw on their phones. 

Currently in Beta at revisit.org, Revisit is starting as a personal information management platform using a web browser plug-in to curate everything you see into an automatically created online knowledge base and resurfacing it when you need it in tools like search engines, reducing time spent searching and increasing productivity. It includes AI categorisation of information, tags for ‘Favourites’ and ‘Read Later’, with Notes, AI summarization and an app coming soon. 

Antler investment thesis 

“Our conviction in Revisit’s founding team stems from their extensive industry experience. Daniel’s technical expertise saw him scale tech teams at Brighte and Nectr, coupled with serial entrepreneur Robyn’s extensive experience using analytics to drive human behaviour, alongside Shiv’s commercial acumen with over 15 years in finance and banking,” said Bede Moore, CCO at Antler. 

Traction/ milestones, to date 

Revisit has recently launched its MVP into market with Beta users on the platform and has a waitlist of hundreds of users ready for the official product launch. Over 200 customer interviews have been conducted to validate the solution. 

The founding team has been awarded office space for a year as a recent winner of Creative Cubes’ Pitch Night. 

Latest funding 

Pre-Seed from Antler 

Use of funds 

Since securing Antler’s Pre-Seed investment, Revisit has doubled down on launching its MVP into market and securing its waitlist of users. 

The founding team is focused on its current fundraise to grow the technical team, ramp up its growth testing, onboard more users, and build out the platform. 

The Founders say

“Most of us face difficulties of managing the constant influx of new information, leading to stress and distractions during the constant context switching in our days,” said Robyn Cowie, co-founder and CEO of Revisit. 

“At Revisit, we want to take the stress out of finding, using and sharing information. Our web browser extension automatically classifies all the information you see and uses AI to understand which content to show you in context based on your behaviour, your persona and your actions.” 

“Our MVP is a platform to take the stress of of managing your information. We have early users on our Beta, we’re colling data to train our AI models, and we have the vision and the plan to incrementally build a platform that will allow you curate your own trusted information networks across all the things in life that are important to you.”

“Without Antler Australia, our founding team would have never met. The masterclasses gave us key insights into how to validate an idea and move fast, and our coach has continued to give us support and advice as we’ve moved out of the program and focused on building a business.” 

What’s next? 

Antler, a global early-stage VC, is revealing all its latest investments made in ambitious Australian founders and startups. With over 100 investments in early-stage companies, Revisit is one of its most recent portfolio companies. 


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