Young, Focused & Ambitious: The rise of Gen Y Pornstars turned entrepreneurs

- October 25, 2013 2 MIN READ

If you don’t watch porn, you would most probably still recognise Sasha Grey, she played a major role in the television show The Entourage which was an international ratings monster. The talented ex-adult entertainer worked in the industry from 2007 – 2010, after which she seamlessly crossed over into mainstream Hollywood, proving that she was as savvy at the best of them when it came to controlling her destiny.

Many people assume that porn is some kind of last resort for pretty people that can’t make it in the big leagues, when in fact for many of today’s Gen Y performers, it could not be further from the truth. They are deliberate, calculated and fiercely ambitious people, who know they can build massive engaged fan bases fast.

Sasha Grey for example is the founder of Sasha Grey Inc and in addition to her professional acting career, this company takes care of her other creative interests such as the two books she has penned and her up and coming music interests. Add to that some endorsements and you have a 25 year old that has an estimated networth of over 3 million dollars.

Australians are one of the largest consumers of pornographic content with sites such as xvideos.com, xhamster.com, pornhub.com, redtube.com and yourporn.com being amongst the most consumed websites daily by local internet users.

These sites, all aggregators for individual porn studios and niche sites are the playground in which these tech savvy, business savvy, sex savvy new wave of pornstars acquire who will eventually be their future ventures new customers. After all why wouldn’t you spend your money with someone with whom you have built a connection with, no matter how imagined over a period of the years they remain in the industry.

dj pierre fitch PierreFitchAnother pornstar turned entrepreneur is 31 year old Pierre Fitch a Canadian gay pornography actor who started out his career signed exclusively to homosexual porn label Falcon.

Entering the industry at the age of 18 he built himself a solid fanbase, which has now turned into a pipeline of engaged paying customers. Fitch now controls his own porn label, as well as commands a massive fee for DJ gigs throughout the world at Gay establishments and for good measure he has his own lines of underwear, and has designed his own product portfolio of dildo’s and fleshlights.

He is now worth millions and has a solid brand with paying subscribers across a number of the adult media platforms which he now owns and operates.

Closer to home we too have our own adult entertainers that are beginning to transition from being purely based on screen to the world of online.

Tate Ryder (stage name) is one such individual who over the past few years has built a solid fanbase across a number of highly successful porn labels and is now using this leverage to move into mainstream modelling and is launching an online store now that he has retired from the industry.

Whilst not quite in the league of some of his American colleagues, he is making up ground fast.

In a world of certain morals and standards that are thrust upon us, it can be easy to look at the young pornstars of today as misguided and being taken advantage of. However before you puff on that ethic stick and blow out judgement – ask yourself this.

Could you build a 3 million dollar business in less than 3 years?