Antler’s partners reveal why they invested in these 18 Australian startups

- November 24, 2021 3 MIN READ
Antler Australia managing partner Bede Moore
Antler, a global early-stage VC, has made 18 new investments in early-stage Australian startups as part of a broader expansion of the firm, locally and globally.

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The recent investments were made in the last five months alone, and see the firm’s portfolio swell to more than 60 early-stage startups across Sydney and Melbourne.

The move is expected to bolster the firm’s position as one of Australia’s most active Pre-Seed to Seed VCs, on track to make over 100 investments from its AU$46m Fund 1.

These new companies will join the existing local portfolio on the firm’s proprietary Investor Platform to enable them to raise further capital from and build meaningful relationships with highly engaged investors. The public will also have an opportunity to meet with the founders of these companies at Antler’s upcoming Portfolio Reveal on December 1.

You can buy tickets for the event here.

In revealing the companies, Antler’s Partners — Bede Moore, Anthony Millet and Laura Faulconer — have shared some insights into the companies, the opportunities they present, and why they believe them to be the defining companies of tomorrow.


An “over-the-top” banking card that helps you take control of your spending and drives your dollar further.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.


Urban Swan

An online marketplace that curates unique date experiences for Gen Z’s and Younger Millennials.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



An operating system for cultivation and post-production teams in cannabis and food.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.


48 Hours

A bid reservation plugin for the hotel industry loyalty members.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



Passwordless sign up and login authentication solutions for the internet.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.


Our Leg Up

A PropTech platform that matches prospective home buyers with guarantors to get people into homes faster, as well as enable people to earn a return on real estate equity.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.

Website coming soon!

iN2iTY Lab

A deep knowledge tracing (DKT) platform helping post-secondary education providers improve student retention and revenue.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



A B2B startup that integrates supply chain data and creates a single source of truth to empower supply chain professionals with data-driven decision-making.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



A men’s fertility platform that removes the fear and friction associated with fertility for men through at-home testing kits and personalised lifestyle-based recommendations.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



The world’s first mental wellbeing platform fuelled by food and driven by the gut-brain axis.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



A SaaS startup empowering businesses to accelerate growth by giving flexibility and control to their consumers through enabling complete total personalisation of bundled subscriptions.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



On a mission to put electric vehicles in reach of every Australian by making it seamless and affordable for customers to purchase them.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



A marketplace for small and independent retailers to discover, engage and buy from global brands in a friction-free environment.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



Allowing construction engineers to create and collaborate on calculations in a new and innovative way.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.


Reach Alternative Investments

Offering Sophisticated Investors access to exclusive institutional-grade private market opportunities from the world’s leading asset managers, with research to invest effectively.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



On a mission to end the commoditisation of small service-based businesses and restore the connection between owner and customer.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.



On a mission to bump the barriers to sexual pleasure.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.


Ground Control

Enabling automated product development by harmonising brands, manufacturers, and service providers.

Read Antler Partners’ insights.


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