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How Elden Ring rewrote the rules on game difficulty

- June 23, 2024 5 MIN READ

I was close to throwing my Nintendo Switch at the wall. With over two decades under my belt playing video games, I had met my match. No, I’m not playing Elden Ring or another tough FromSoftware game. On the recommendation of a friend, I was finishing off Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a remake of a 1995 grid-based combat role-playing… Read more »


Here are the 15 amazing AI startups in Build Club’s first cohort – and the winners heading to San Francisco to pitch to US VCs

- June 22, 2024 6 MIN READ

If Build Club founder Annie Liao needs a motto, it should be “Move fast and make things”. This week, the 15 artificial intelligence (AI) startups accepted into the inaugural Build Club Accelerator graduated after an intensive six weeks, culminating in Monday’s Demo Day. Liao set out to create an accelerator program backing technical AI engineers… Read more »

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How AI can turn a SaaS startup from horizontal to vertical

- June 11, 2024 6 MIN READ

TL;DR The last decade has been the ‘heyday’ for horizontal SaaS, and vertical SaaS has been comparatively quiet. What has held vertical SaaS back is simple: bad customers. Go-to-market motions in vertical SaaS have been stuck in clunky enterprise mode, while horizontal SaaS has consistently cracked product-led growth that has underpinned rapid and efficient scaling. AI is… Read more »


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